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5 Best Wedding Exit Ideas

September 23, 2017

One of our favorite parts of a wedding are newlywed send offs! There are some different times throughout the wedding that you can do a send off. It can be after the ceremony, or after the reception OR…BOTH!!!! There are no rules and you only get married once, so why the heck not! Can I get an AMEN?! Today we are sharing the top 5 best wedding exit ideas we’ve come across! If you aren’t used to our blog by now, let me save you some time, we love it when we get couples that think out of the box. We understand that with all there is to plan for a wedding, things like send offs may be a last minute detail but thats why we’ve done the research for you and decided to share ideas that aren’t just adorable in person but photograph beautifully!

5 Best Wedding Exit Ideas

Floral Newlywed Exit

You’ve just said I do and you are about to take your first walk as husband and wife down the aisle. In my book, that is a perfect moment to celebrate with a send off. A great idea is to contact your florist and ask them to save all the scraps of flowers. They normally throw out scraps while prepping for the weddings of the weekend. Tell them you’d like to take that off their hands! Grab some pages out of a book and roll them up into cones and secure them with either tape or a hot glue gun and have your event planner fill them up with the flowers the day of.

Place them at the entrance with the welcome sign so that every guest grabs one before they take their seats. Once you are announced as husband and wife, kiss and walk back down the aisle greeted by a shower of flowers!!!! We do recommend that you have someone standing by this setup letting them know to take one or provide signage that directs them to take one. Last thing you want is for your guest not to knowing what is going … That would be an epic fail!

Confetti Send off

Similar to the floral send off. If  your florist doesn’t expect to have enough flowers for this or maybe your budget is already maxed on flowers, you can always make your own confetti! Simply get a pack of paper from Joanns and shred it! Thats it easy peasy!!!!!! I love this idea because it is so cost effective and of course photographs beautifully! Joanns also always has coupons that you can use!

5 Best Wedding Exit Ideas

Bubble Exit

Bubble exits are perfect for ceremony send offs and also for after the reception send offs if you are doing a morning wedding. If you would like to do it immediately after the ceremony, the best way to get this setup is to have the bubbles placed at every seat already in the ceremony. You can have a tag attached to each bubble with a cute saying that lets them know that they will be blowing it after the ceremony or have your officiant let them know prior to you walking down the aisle. Maybe he/she can say: “Grab your bubbles and congratulate the new Mr and Mrs” .

Flying Lantern Exit

Okay so you know that scene in Tangled where all the flying lanterns are going up in the evening sky and it is soooo stinking gorgeous! This type of exit is perfect for a send off after the reception. It is soooo romantic and photographs GORGEOUS!!!!!! We’ve never had the luck to get a couple to do this so if you do… YOU GET MAJOR COOL POINTS!!!!!  You don’t believe me that its beautiful, just see for yourself !!!

Sparkler Exit

Last but not least we have the traditional but always a classic, sparkler exit! Sparkler exits are a going trend and look so beautiful!!!! Biggest piece of advice we can give you for these is to make sure you have multiple lighters. They take a while to light up. Also, make sure that you get the long sparklers!  Trust me the short ones from 4th of July don’t cut it! Those burn out in lest than 30 seconds. The long one burns out in about two minutes which its perfect because it gives everyone the opportunity to get lit!

5 Best Wedding Exit Ideas


Whichever you decide to do, we can’t wait to capture it!!!!!

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