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A high school sweetheart love story: Wilson + Jenny

March 15, 2017

There isn’t anything that touches our hearts more than a high school sweetheart love story. We love meeting couples that prove time and time again that love is a commitment, a choice. It all started in  their teenage glory when Jenny’s cousin had met a guy and he was coming over to meet with her after school. Little did Jenny know he had brought a wingman, Wilson. Their beautiful relationship grew and well its safe to say the rest was history. 

One day, after almost two years of dating Wilson calls Jenny wanting to set up a day for their parents to meet. The date was set in stone to the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Everybody hit it off great. After a while of conversation, Wilson pulled out a red box and pops the big question. The room erupts with cheer well of course Jenny said “Yes”. 

These two lovebirds did not want to wait to start their forever so on a Thursday afternoon they headed to the Orange County Courthouse and eloped. Their love was the center and focus of their big day. That love had started growing a a beautiful seed. The first big news after becoming Mr + Mrs was that they were going to be parents to their a beautiful baby boy. 

They’ve kept their love young and fresh and alive by being each others greatest adventure. Anyone who knows these two knows that they are…well… OBSESSED with each other. Although one of their most memorable adventures, aside from being two crazy teenagers in love, was their zip lining getaway in Cancun, what they most look forward to in their life together is coming home every day. Just being together what makes their heart.

Their relationship truly is one to admire and look up to being high school sweet hearts ourselves. Of course we asked them how do they do it. How do they love each other more today than yesterday? Jenny was so kind to share some great advice to us rookies. We leave you with what Jenny had to say…

“Firstly communication, I believe that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship especially marriage. Express your feelings no matter how minute or insignificant they may seem. It can make a big difference. 


At the end of the day you will be sharing every waking day with this person for the rest of your lives. When the kids are gone and the daily responsibilities of raising a family, going to work, and planning for the future slow down you have to be able to just sit and enjoy each other’s company.  Last but not least never forget why you love each other. Life can get so complicated and stressful times and there will be days where he/she is not particularly your favorite person. Although there will be bad days always keep in the fore front of your mind why you decided to spend your life with this person.” 


They lived happily ever after!


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