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The Big 30!!! A letter to the B-day Boy

January 10, 2017

Dear Landon,

It’s the big 30 !!!! I can’t believe that this is the 13th B-day we have celebrated together! On a day where it’s an ordinary day for others, and many are just getting back into the swing after the holiday break, we celebrate you. You are a whole three decades old boo boo!!!!

Do you remember the first birthday we celebrated together as an item lol? It was our 18th birthday . We went to Texas de Brazil with my mom and little sister. Sooooooo romantic, lol, I know, NOT. Despite the circumstances the best birthday ever! That was the day I knew that I wanted to celebrate every birthday there after with you ! I mean , after all my mom did almost kill you with the garage door because she was mad at me and you still called the next day. You accepted me with all my crazy and I’m so grateful for that!

Now we’ve entered our “Prime” or so says every person who hasn’t turned 30 yet. Although I’m not excited about joining you in the thirties in less than a month I am excited to spend the next decade with you by my side.  

I don’t know if we tell you enough but I and your little princesses want to let you know what you mean to us. You are caring, generous, hard working, loving, a great provider, our protector, you are affectionate, sensitive, reliable, honest, and an incredible human being. You are a devoted husband, a one of a kind father, a great son, amazing brother, loving goofy uncle, and an unwavering friend to those who are blessed to know you. The funny thing is that as amazing as you are you are still the most modest and humble individual. You never expect anything and you are always the first to give everything.

I am honored to call you my husband and father of our children. You are the most important thing in my life. You bring me balance, and make me a better person. You are our hero! We know there is nothing you wouldn’t do for us and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for you. We are blessed to have you in our life and I’m excited to rock out our DIRTY THIRTIES together like it ain’t nobody’s business. I can’t imagine a better life partner and I am just excited to see what crazy adventures we go on this next decade. 


I love you,



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