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The Hendricks Couples Holiday Cookout 2017

December 19, 2017

It’s the holiday season and we have so much to be thankful for! Our marriage is amazing. Our daughters are healthy. Our business is growing. And it’s all by His grace! One of the things that we are most grateful for is our couples! I still remember our first year in business. We had three weddings. IT was exhilarating. It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Now we shoot 30 weddings a year and we still feel every bit excited and honored like we did on our very first wedding.

These couples not only trusted us on their special day but they also became friends. We are so blessed! Our couples truly are some of the most amazing human beings that walk this earth. They are funny, outgoing, and tolerate our crazy. For the last two years we had been kicking around some ideas for what we could do to introduce these amazing couples to each other. We felt kind of selfish keeping them all to ourselves. This year we finally did it! We hosted our first holiday cookout for our awesome couples. It was so amazing and we cannot wait to continue this tradition for our couples every year!

Right at sunset we couldn’t help ourselves. We took our couples out behind our home and took some holiday pictures for them. For some this was their first Christmas as husband and wife, and for others it was just a great excuse to get some nice pictures with their boo thang! We cannot wait for next years get together! We are so thankful for couples who want to stay connected to us just as much as we want to stay connected to them!!! What a gift this job is!!! Enjoy some pictures from our time together!

Ps. To ALL of our past Hendrick Couples… we’re dreaming up a way to have a MASSIVE Hendrick Reunion soon!!!! yaaaaay!!!

The Hendricks Couples Holiday Cookout 2017


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