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Mission Inn Resort Wedding: Kaylee + Connor

January 12, 2017

Have you ever seen a Marine cry? I mean really get choked up? Not likely, but when Marine Connor laid eyes on his beautiful bride, Kaylee, it was inevitable. Together, they exchanged “I do’s” in front of all their family and friends at the Mission Inn Resort. A new year means new beginnings, new opportunities to take on new adventures. What better adventure than to start your year with your best friend? The love of your life. Thats exactly what Kaylee and Connor did.

Kaylee and Connor are such a special couple. The way that they look at each other and the way that they can communicate by just sharing a smile was so touching to witness. By far our favorite moment of the day was the first look. Sweet Connor could barely wait for his gorgeous bride to approach him. He was so ready to lay eyes on her, that as soon as he heard her dress walking towards him he turned around. We could see the excitement in his face. What we were most surprised to see was how someone who has seen more than most , was so moved by the sight of his beautiful bride. When he looked at her he saw the good in the world, the reason for everything, the one thing that makes his heart skip a beat. He saw his future and it was so darn pretty.

We know that Kaylee and Connor are meant to be together. We feel it in our bones. In Connor , Kaylee has found a selfless, brave man. He sacrifices so much of himself for people he doesn’t know imagine what he would do for her. The woman that waited, supported and said through thick and thin.

It was a beautiful day at the Mission Inn Resort indeed. We are so excited to share highlights of Kaylee and Connor’s magical day!

Their adventure begins…

They lived happily ever after!

Creative Team:

Venue: Mission Inn Resort 

DJ: DJ Live Productions

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