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Nail Two Bridal Looks on a Budget on your Wedding Day

September 1, 2017

Every girl wants to be fabulous on their wedding day! We want to photograph brides that feel fabulous on their wedding day. One way that some of our #hendrickbrides opt to feel fabulous is by doing multiple looks on their wedding day. WHAT!!!! One dress is stressful enough, right? One dress is expensive enough, right? Well what if we told you that doing multiple looks on your wedding day didn’t have to break the bank or even make a dent in your wedding budget. Today we are going to share some ideas on how to nail two bridal looks on a budget on your wedding day!

Nail Two Bridal Looks on a Budget on your Wedding Day

Layered wedding Dress

Consider a layered wedding dress! Thats right a layered wedding dress. Take Roselyne (one of our #hendrickbrides) for example. She nailed three looks with ONE dress!!!!! Roselyne had one look for the First Look, a change for the ceremony, and a final look for her reception. Yes, all three looks without ever stepping out of her dress, not even once. She accomplished this by layering her dress.

For Roselyne’s first look , Roselyne wore her mermaid Alvina Valenta gown. Yes she worked that dress!


For her Ceremony she wore a Tulle Skirt designed by Tara Keely on top of her Alvina Valenta dress. Yes you can mix designers! There are no rules.

nail two bridal looks on a budget on your wedding day


For her final look she removed the tulle skirt. But here is the kicker, her Alvina Valenta dress had a detachable bottom part to her dress. BAMB! You got yourself a party dress!!!! This bride did not have to compromise. She got her mermaid dress, her ballgown princess dress, and her sassy short dress all in one!

Change up the hair + makeup

Okay so I’m going to go on a little diversion here but bear with me, I have a point. Have you ever worn jeans and a t-shirt and feel like a bum? Take that same outfit and do your hair, add a little concealer, mascara, and lips and all of a sudden you look well put together! Another way you can change your looks on your wedding day without breaking the bank, change up your hair and makeup! Here is an example of another #hendrickbride that nailed this look change! Liana wore her hair down for her ceremony . With a nice soft pink lip!

For the reception she looked drastically different by simply adding an accessory to her hair and doing a partial up do with a darker lip!

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Get bougie, get fabulous, and look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Then you better work it for the camera ;-)!

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