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Rosen Shingle Creek Resort : Tom + Jessica

October 26, 2017

It was a beautiful overcast day at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. Perfect for two best friends to get married. After the I do’s, it was time to celebrate! The guest entered the reception ball. Perfect lighting. Perfect atmosphere to celebrate Tom and Jessica’s love. The newlyweds made their way to their seats. It was time for the toast. Truly one of our favorite times of the day.  They passed him the microphone. As he grabbed the microphone with one hand, he grabbed a hand with the other. A hand that was familiar. A hand he has held for 62 years plus. The hand of his high school sweetheart. His best friend. His life partner. His wife. He opens his mouth and every person was silent. Ready to listen to wisdom. The secret to 62 years of marriage. 62 years of love. 62 years of commitment.

Being high school sweethearts ourselves we were drawn in. It is possible! To love someone so much that your hearts beat to the same rhythm. This man was the brides grandfather! A man who has honored his wife and his family. He made a commitment to start a legacy of love, joy and wisdom for the generations that follow. Its no wonder that Jessica knew that marrying her high school sweetheart was the best decision she could have ever made. Because she’s witnessed it first hand.

As we stood behind our camera we observed everything. How her grandfather danced with his wife. Jessica’s mom’s tears as she watched Jessica danced with her dad. It was evident that Jessica and Tom have had a great example. Combined with their grandparents and parents they have inherited over 100 years of marriage, love, and commitment.

If there is one thing that we are grateful for is having met Tom and Jessica’s family. It was such an honor to witness their legacy. To document their history and to learn from high school sweethearts who have been through it all. It was inspiring. It was proof, that it is possible. With all of this love in their history. With all the people in their lives that love them and are ready to share wisdom. Ready to hold them accountable. There is no doubt in our mind that Tom and Jessica are going to have a long healthy marriage.

Tom and Jessica. Thank you! Thank you for choosing us. Because although we know that you will cherish these images forever. We will forever cherish the experience we had with your family. Landon and I didn’t inherit a history of love, marriage and commitment. But we knew that just because we didn’t inherit that example, it didn’t mean that we couldn’t start that legacy for our children. Spending the day with you both. With your parents. With your grandparents. Was indeed an experience we will never forget. We left inspired and knowing that we weren’t crazy for believing that we could do it. Be in love. Be married. Be best friends until the day death parts us. And even then. We’ll be waiting for each other to tackle eternity too. And for that WE will forever cherish your day and your friendship! Thank you! Here are some of our favorite moments of your perfect day!

Tom + Jessica

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort


Creative Team:

Venue: Rosen Shingle Creek
Planner: Amanda with At Last Wedding + Event Design​
Floral Designer: Dream Designs Florist & Wedding Boutique​
Hair: Amanda Ward
Makeup: Mosaic Hair Studio
Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals​
Officiant: Glen with Sensational Ceremonies, LLC​
Videographer: Bright Brands Media​
DJ: Soundwave Entertainment – Orlando Wedding DJ & LED Lighting​
Photographers: The Hendricks​

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