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We survived Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017

It has been the longest weekend of our lives! This weekend we had an uninvited visitor trespass our state, our city, our home! No worries, we aren’t horrible hosts! We promise! The guest we are referring to is Hurricane Irma. We had been preparing for her visit three days straight. For five days , we sat in anticipation for her arrival watching the trail of destruction she left behind. It truly felt like we were waiting for the end of the world to arrive. But, the fact that you are reading this blog is a good sign! That means that we survived Hurricane Irma!!!!

It was madness! Preparing for Hurricane Irma was madness! Although we were successful at doing everything on our checklist, it was definitely NOT easy! Preparation was filled with many challenges. Water shortages, gas shortages, record breaking massive gridlock evacuations, and plywood shortages, just to name a few! Despite the challenges that came with preparing for Irma’s arrival, it was also a time where we were able to see so many acts of kindness. From neighbors helping each other board up, buying supplies for each other, sacrificing last items on the shelves for those who needed it more,  and cleaning up the aftermath together. These acts of kindness were our rainbow after the storm!

Thankfully Irma didn’t hit us too hard! She made her landfall near us between 2am and 5am. Without having the ability to look out the window because every single opening in our home had been boarded up, the sounds of the wind and the unknown outside were haunting. There were times that we were sure our home was going to fly away. It was truly the longest three hours of our life. It felt like three days of agony to be completely honest. We tried to sleep but the wind was so loud we couldn’t. But we survived it! We survived Hurricane Irma! Everything that matters to us was left in tact… our family, friends and loved ones…everything that matters! Through it all God remained in control!

How to help Hurricane Irma Victims

We know that some people have suffered some significant losses due to Hurricane Irma, and they are in our prayers. Now the only thing that remains left to be answered is how can we help? If you are wanting to help victims of Hurricane Irma but don’t know how, here are some ways that we can all pitch in and love on one another

  • donate online or text “IRMA” to 90999 to chip in $10.
  • donate to hurricane relief efforts directly through iTunes and the App Store.

  • Help neighbors clean up after the storm
  • Volunteer at your church to help  the elderly and single moms clean up the aftermath
  • If you Airbnb , consider hosting in the regions marked on the map  for free from September 6-September 28  for displaced neighbors or relief workers deployed to help


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