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10 Ways to Honor your Mother on Your Wedding Day

June 21, 2018

All mommas want is to know that you love them. On your wedding day,  they’ll be  excited and sometimes throw opinions at you that really turn into orders and attempted final decisions. This can sometimes cause friction. But there is a smooth way to handle these conversations and incorporate elements that will make them feel more loved than ever! Here are some ways that some of our brides have made their mommas know without a doubt that they are appreciated and loved on their wedding day! So before the wedding planning begins, check how many of these you think would be a good fit for you and momma.

10 Ways Honor Your Mother on Your Wedding Day

1. Give her the honor of helping you get ready on your wedding day!

2. Invite your mom to get ready with you and your bridal party in the same room.

Get her a matching robe! She’ll love it!

3. Get her a gift that shows how much you care

4. Incorporate her style , history, and dress into your day!

Our bride Shenele had a robe made out of her moms wedding dress for the day of her wedding!

5. Allow her to say a prayer for you before you walk down the aisle

6. Incorporate family traditions and customs in your wedding

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7. Have her walk you down the Aisle

Both momma and dad are excited to see you get married. You can have her walk you down the aisle with your dad. Another option is to have your dad walk you down and once you get to the altar have your mom join you at the altar so when the officiant asks who gives this bride they can both answer. After all it was a team effort raising you 😉

8. Do a dedication during the ceremony

Take a moment with your future spouse to each present your mothers with a rose before exchanging vows.

9. Honor her with your bouquet

There’s several ways to honor your mother with your bouquet. You can incorporate some of her favorite flowers in your bouquet. If your mom has passed you can have a custom memorabilia added to your bouquet.

10. Save her a dance


These women gave you life! Sacrificed so much so that you can be the woman you are today! Show them that you are thankful and that you love them. Mom’s can be tough at times but there is not one person in the world that  would go to the lengths that your mother would so that you can have it all!


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