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A Douglaston Manor Wedding: Onil + Shayssa

August 22, 2015

One of the benefits of growing up in the city is that you get to meet so many people. Some meetings are brief and some develop into relationships that you cherish forever. Onil and Shayssa met on a basketball court when she was twelve, and no it was not love at first sight. It was, ehh see ya around. Little did Shayssa know that she would run into him again at her brothers graduation. Lets just say that little boy was no longer a little boy ;-). He was taller, handsome and she was excited to see that he grew into his ears! Being the only girl out of seven definitely presented Onil with a huge challenge. The minute the brothers knew that Onil had Shay on his radar it was on. After all with six brothers there is no excuse for letting anything or anyone hurt Shay. Little did they know that Shay was the one that was on the prowl. She won his heart with her beautiful hazel eyes and perfect smile that created the most adorable dimples he’s ever seen.

It took some finesse and convincing but eventually Shayssa’s brothers and parents saw what Shayssa had seen all along in Onil. The amazing man that he was and the potential that she saw in him to be even better. They saw how he cared and protected their sister even when she fell sick to Lupus and had to have surgery. He became her crutch, her comedian and always remained her friend and shoulder to cry on. He stepped up to continue to be not only a great support for her but their daughter during these difficult times. The love he had for her and the amazing father he had become was undeniable. After all, its easy to love someone when they are all well and can fend for themselves but when you care for someone and stand by their side in their most vulnerable times, that’s when you know that a love is real and unconditional.

Their day was definitely a day everyone including the happy couple and their daughter were anticipating and excited to celebrate. After thirteen years, the happy couple made their union official at the Douglaston Manor in NYC. It was definitely a beautiful wedding. A day full of memories, tears of joy (mainly by Onil, he’s a very emotional MAN) and celebration. Here is a recap of their fabulous day. We were so honored to be able to be a part of their wedding and document this new chapter in their lives.

The First Day of their Happily Ever After

From this point on its just me and you babe! Through thick and thin!

Sickness and in health! I will always be by your side!

Thank you to all the vendors that made their day as perfect as their love story!

Venue: Douglaston Manor 

Officiant: Marie Sarro

Bridal Gown: Kleinfeld Bridal

Hairstylist: Tino’s Unisex Hairstyling Beauty Salon

Makeup Artist: Liana Rodriguez Ortiz MUA

Bridesmaids Dresses: Wedding Plaza in Floral Park

Groom + Groomsmen Tux: Wedding Plaza in Floral Park

DJ: Ultimate Sound DJs

Flowers : Spitz & Peck

Cake: Andreas Bake Shooppe Cafe

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