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Orlando FLorida | Worldwide

Beach Engagement : John + Loren

May 24, 2016

It all began in St. Lucie West Centennial High School. Loren walked into Johns 10th grade AP World History class and well lets say it was the beginning of their history. John immediately had a magnet like attraction towards Loren except that Loren hadn’t noticed John until 11th grade. Dum dum dum… When John realized that Loren and he would be spending all year together in AP Psychology he decided he was going to play all his rico suave cards. He pulled out all the stops, but after three months of no indication from Loren that the feeling was mutual he decide to be the next best thing to her. He was going to be the best friend should could have ever imagined.

After much nudge from his sister, John finally built up the courage to try it one last time and ask the girl he had been smitten for all year to homecoming. It was a rewarded attempt. Although Loren had already had a date she couldn’t turn down John. He was just so adorably irresistible! After homecoming they went to the beach and talk for hours all night about all the traditional “get to know you” topics. Its safe to say that was the beginning of their fairy tale.

Calling John her boyfriend no longer fulfilled Loren, which is why when John proposed to Loren on the beach, Loren said yes without hesitation. It only made sense to have their engagement session at the beach! This is the place where the spark grew and the plan was set into motion. It was so amazing to be able to spend the morning with John and Loren at the beach for their love session! Their chemistry and love for each other is undeniable and was such a pleasure to capture. We absolutely cannot wait to capture these lovebirds wedding next year at Leu Garden! Help me congratulate the couple.

She said yes!


To be continued…



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