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Bok Tower Gardens: Jeff+ Nadya

December 12, 2016

Just image Niagara falls! Its gorgeous and you are just blown away by the beauty of the scenery. You’re wet, lost in the moment and when you least expect it the man of your dreams makes you the happiest woman alive by asking you to be his wife and be his greatest adventure! AHHHHH  can I just say “How dreamy” !!!! Well thats exactly how this stud proposed to his beloved. So of course when we hear their proposal story, we were smitten and dying to get to know them better. I mean, seriously this is totally like a romance novel.

We definitely got to see their love in action during their engagement session and lets just say that the novel just got better. Watching them interact. Watcing them just look at eachother and laugh. It was such a joyful afternoon with Jeff and Nadya at Bok Tower Garden and as beautiful as that place was, all eyes were on these lovebirds. Here are some of our favorite moments from their love session. We are so excited and we cannot wait until their wedding next Spring at Bella Collina.

Meet Jeff and Nadya

To be continued…

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