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Casa Feliz Engagement | Chris + Paulette

October 3, 2018

Lets go Gators, Lets go!! Thats right, today we have some Florida Gators on the  blog with some of our favorite pictures from their Casa Feliz engagement session this weekend. Best looking gators we ever did see!

Chris and Paulette had met sophomore year in college, University of Florida. They were both orientation leaders and in preparation to show around the new blood, they ended up hitting it off and becoming friends. Well soon enough as Spring semester continued Chris found himself smitten over Paulette. But Paulette insisted she was not looking for a relationship and they remained friends.

Fast forward to Fall 2013, the Gators were going to play UM in Miami.  Chris was going to the game and of course Paulette was going to hang out with her friend. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to! That weekend, Paulette found herself crying. Took her a minute but she finally realized that she was crying because she  just wanted to be with Chris. She truly had feelings for him! Being his friend just wasn’t enough anymore.

That following Tuesday after the game, Chris and Paulette went to dinner at 4Rivers and  Paulette just blurted it out.

“I have feelings for you Chris”

Chris knew it was a no brainer but Paulette wanted to make sure they were on the same page and asked

“So are you going to ask me out or what?”

What can she say! The girl knew what she wants and went for it! Get it! I’m sure Chris felt like such a stud. Here across from him sat this gorgeous girl who had become one of his closest friends and someone he really cared for. He had already known for months the answer to that question. And just like that it was official. Fast forward, Chris and Paulette will be joined by their friends and family next summer as they become husband and wife!

Chris and Paulette, spending the day with you lovebirds was just pure joy! We are so excited to join you guys and your friends and family next summer to capture your first day as husband and wife! We are going to have a ball! Ya’ll looked so darn gorgeous for your engagement, I can only imagine how breathtaking you will look on your wedding day, the happiest day of your lives!

Casa Feliz Engagement Session

Chris + Paulette

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