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Crystal Ballroom on the Lake: Tony + Elisa

July 10, 2017

Patience is something that wise people practice. We feel its safe to say that Elisa and Tony are very patient! They contacted us three years ago and asked us to tag along on the new chapter that they were about to start, marriage! Thats right this wedding has been three years in the making. It was worth every minute of planning, every penny spent, every late night doing DIY’s, all of it. It was worth it all, because it led to their beautiful wedding at The Crystal Ballroom on the Lake. With their children by their side and their friends and family their to witness and hold accountable, they vowed to not be perfect but always willing to love, protect and put the other first. When I think about their story I can’t help but think of this quote:

Love just happens
When you are not looking for it,
Not paying attention,
You could miss it the first few times,
But then, unexpectedly,
Somehow this invisible magnetic energy
Pulls you and another person together.
And you feel this beautiful magic,
Like a gravitational force –
As if the moon were kissing the sun.
And their name,
Becomes the most hypnotic name
And you die to see their eyes
When you open yours
Every time.

― Suzy KassemRise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

The entire week leading up to their wedding it had been raining cats and dogs. We all prayed and kept our fingers crossed that the clouds would hold their tears back until after the I dos. Well if you want to see if our prayers worked. Take a gander for yourself. Not a drop in sight.

The Crystal Ballroom on the Lake: Tony + Elisa


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Venue: Crystal Ballroom 

Flowers: Florida Flowers and Orchids – Wedding and Events.

Cake: Publix

DJ: Blast Productions

Catering: Carrabas

Bridal Gown: Minerva’s Bridal

Officiant: Once Upon a Wedding

Photography: The Hendricks

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