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Intimate Backyard Wedding Jacksonville Fl : Chris + Jessica

August 7, 2018

It was five o’clock in the morning and I was lying wide awake! Counting down the hours until it was time to get ready. Until it was time to leave our home. We had somewhere special to be. Two special people to celebrate. Two beautiful souls. One beautiful love story. Chris and Jessica! We had been looking forward to their wedding date since the day we first spoke. Their story resonated so much with us. Two high school sweethearts. Excited to beat the odds. To prove all the statistics wrong. To start a new and exciting chapter with the boy that stole her heart when she  was only 17. To do life with her best friend. Their day felt like deja vu.

They stood there holding hands at the altar. With their vows in their hands. With a huge smile on her face Jessica listened to every word that Chris said. Every promise. She studied his face. Looked into his eyes. As he spoke his last words she took a deep breath and got ready to pour her heart out to him. Her smile was magical. The sparkle in her eye was one like I’ve never seen before. It was finally time for the most powerful sentence that they would ever say in their lives. As her uncle turned to Chris and asked

“Do you Chris take Jessica to be your wife…”

Chris interrupted and said

“I DO!”

Everyone laughed because he was so excited to say it. Jessica’s uncle hadn’t finished his sentence yet but boy was Chris ever so ready to say I do. I think that her uncle could have said “Do you Chris take Jessica to be your wife, to serve on hand and foot, to fan her and hand feed her grapes on command” and he would have said YES! That enthusiasm is one that we pray stays on fire throughout the rest of their marriage!

Chris and Jessica, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank you for taking us down memory lane. Thank you to your family for being so kind and loving to us! Being a part of your day. Being a part of your lives, has been one of the most amazing blessings of the year! We love you guys dearly and we just cannot wait to watch you both, our twins, grow old together. You are both so beautiful and your story will definitely be one for the books. We feel honored to have been able to capture your magical day for the next generations to come. Here are just some of our favorite moments from your sweet and perfect day!

Intimate Backyard Wedding | Jacksonville Fl

Chris + Jessica

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