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Lake Eola Engagement | Justin + Catherine

October 9, 2019

Sometimes its easy to think you will never find your happily ever after. Especially when your experience has been nothing but disappointment. But then, just when you come to terms with the decision to focus on other things in your life, you run into your happily ever after.

Thats literally how it happened for these two. It made perfect sense to take their engagement pictures back where it all started! Lake Eola in Orlando Fl. Justin and Catherine had taken on a liking to jogging. It became a great way for them to get focused and over the heartbreak they had encountered in the past.

Well although I’m sure Justin would have preferred to be all washed up and rico suave before he met Catherine, but he sure wasn’t. He was sweaty and soaked wet from his daily run. So he did the next best thing to smelling good, he took off his shirt because his “shirt was wet”. Uh huh! Is what I said. Whatever, Justin, it worked honey! Eight years later these two are getting married and we cannot wait for the day to finally get here and capture these two becoming husband and wife!

Justin + Catherine

Lake Eola Engagement Session | Orlando, Fl.

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