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Lake Mary Event Center : Damiond + Katherine

January 2, 2019

We’ve never met anyone who won the lotto until now! A lifetime of happiness and adventures! A lifetime of security! That’s what you think of when we’re talking about the lotto. Am I right? Can you have all of this if the lotto that you won resulted in your bank account remaining the same? Not one penny increase. You still have to work everyday? Have I got your attention? Good! Because that’s exactly what happened to our couple, Damiond and Katherine!

Damiond and Katherine met each other at work. From the very first moment that they interacted Katherine was head over heals. Trying to contain herself. But she knew that she had just bumped into someone special! Someone that would change her life. Someone that would make her believe in love again. Kind of like those romantic comedies where a guy and a girl bump into each other and everything goes into slow motion. And you see it. The sparks!

Damiond wasn’t the average kind of guy. He was hardworking. A gentlemen. Generous. Serving. And very pleasing to the eyes if Katherine does say so herself. If that’s not the jackpot I don’t know what is. The cherry on top… his last name is Goodman. I know! I cannot make this stuff up! But even like that Katherine kept her distance at first. For one, she wasn’t emotionally ready to let someone in and two, every time she was around him she realized more and more that he was perfect. Making it harder and harder to resist him.

Finally, Damiond managed to make her weak at the knees enough to say yes to a date! The night finally arrived. Date night! They walked into the movie theater to find just one other couple in the there. An older couple. Obviously that couple had great taste in the movie selection, Lottery Ticket! See where I’m going with this. That night they both walked away feeling like they had won the lottery in finding each other.

Katherine had found a GOODMAN! As time went on, he just got better and better. It wasn’t just an act. He really was a GOODMAN! Like the romantic comedies that you watch and you think, dang it why can’t men like that exist in real life. Katherine will tell you that they do! Or at least if only one existed in the entire planet, she had him! She never thought she would love again. Trust again! She had accepted that she would die never knowing a true love. Never knowing a good man! She accepted  being single forever.

Damiond came and healed those wounds. Gave her hope. Made her feel secure in a way she had never experienced before. All of a sudden she could envision a happily ever after. She found a man that would go to the depths of the earth to do whatever it took to make her happy. To make sure she was safe!

One of our favorite moments of the day was listening to Katherine’s oldest daughter, Namari,  give her speech. You see for eight years it had been just the two of them. She had lost as much faith as her mother in true love. In men. In relationships! But witnessing their relationship, well Damiond didn’t just win Katherine’s heart. He won Namari’s heart too! He had managed to make her feel secure and safe too. And reassured that her mom was in great hands. The hands of a man who truly loves her mom and her too.

“Your love inspires me and makes me believe”

She now knew what a good husband looked like. What a good wife looked like. What an amazing relationship looked like. They had set an example! Set the bar. And she was not going to settle for anything less than winning the lotto when it was her turn!

Damiond and Katherine, you guys are truly #couplegoals ! Your love is so selfless and unconditional. Your daughter was right! Your love WILL inspire others. We are so honored to have been able to capture your day! To witness your story. The legacy you are leaving for your children! The foundation, security, the LOVE your children have witnessed is one that will mold them. Be a part of them. And one day. One day it will be their turn to find love and they will say

“I want a friendship, a partnership, a love, a MARRIAGE like my parents”

You won’t have to drill it into their heads because you are being the perfect example and that speaks louder than words! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you guys but right now we want to relive your beautiful day. Here are some of our favorite moments from your first day as husband and wife! Love you guys very much and thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to witness and capture your legacy, one of the best love stories of all time!

Damiond + Katherine

Lake Mary Event Center | Lake Mary Fl.


Creative Team

Venue: Lake Mary Event Center

Wedding Planner: Blue Ribbon Weddings

Floral design: Raining Roses


Band: Our DJ Rocks • bride’s gown: Calvet Couture Bridal • Brides Gown Designer: Pronovias • Grooms attire: Mens Wearhouse • Cake & Catering: 4Rivers • Invitations: Minted •  Hair: Just Blow It  • Rentals:  Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals • Calligraphy: Lettered Moments Calligraphy and Designs • Video: Captured by Elle • Photographers: The Hendricks



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