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Mead Botanical Garden : Chris + Jessica

March 13, 2018

Good Morning! I’m super excited to share some highlights from Chris and Jessica’s engagement session this morning on the blog. No. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. These cuties are not Landon and I. But they sure do remind me of us. Not just physically but so much of their personalties and their story!!! And we love them so much. We just want to take these cuties and put them in our back pocket!

Life brought these two together senior years of high school. Marry your best friend they say. Well thats exactly what this is leading up to. Once Chris was ademant that Jessica no longer will do as a bestie and he asked her to be his girlfriend! Since then, they’ve graduated high school, gone to college first year of college, and Chris went on tour with his then band all around the US. Jessica ended up moving to St Augustine with her family and the long distance relationship began. After a year of long distance, Chris moved down to Florida! And almost exactly 5 years from the very start, at the very place where 2 lanky teenagers stood and he asked her to be his girlfriend. Where a month later he told her he loved her for the very first time. He got down on one knee, in two feet of snow, and proposed.

“I could marry him in my pajamas with no makeup on in our bathroom, and be the happiest girl alive!”

Girl!!!! And we would be there to capture it. Even if we had to stand in a tub to get the shot! You two fill our hearts with so much joy and are a beautiful example to other young couples! Here are some of our favorite moments from your little love session at Mead Botanical Garden! We just cannot wait to be part of your beautiful intimate wedding!

Mead Botanical Garden

Christopher + Jessica

To be continued…

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