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Mission Inn Resort Wedding: Roderick + Jeremy

June 20, 2015

“The first day we met, I knew he was the one. In truth, we never should have met. And I’ve recounted the moments that led to our meeting over and over again: my phone woke me up, I answered it, it was late, I never go out on a whim, I had nothing to wear… But for some reason, I got up and went to an event that altered the course of my life forever. One thing is certain; God had a plan. Though Rod pretended he wasn’t interested in me, I won him over quickly and easily *flips hair* LOL. Eleven days later we started our journey together and have never looked back. To some we’re like oil and water and to others, we’re peas in a pod. I believe we were made for each other and I’m so excited to be marrying my best friend.Today, I will obtain the degree that has been the hardest to acquire! 7 years of my life have gone by, but I’ve never waivered, by the grace of God. I’ve had the greatest support system of all time ever. Thank you colleagues, friends and family! I would be remiss not to thank the person who has supported me the most, my BFFF, my boyfriend, my fiance, Roderick Waisome. In a few hours, I will be Mrs. Jeremy Alexis Magruder Waisome!!!!!! Let’s Do This!!!”~ Jeremy Alexis Magruder

“Yup! She is my world! I didn’t always feel this way though. Jeremy was an “alpha female” in need of softening by a more dominating personality like mine. The master plan was to maintain the suave persona and slowly break her down. Well, the plan backfired and things got mushy real quick. That’s when I committed to a mission to successfully woo her. Few months later, my mission was complete. Looking back on it all, ’twas the sclera that most likely did me in. Good thing it did, because life with Jeremy is a rewarding one. I can’t imagine not having this woman by my side. SHE IS MY EVERYTHING. MY HEART. MY RIB” ~Roderick Waisome

When we received a message from Rod last year we were super excited and thrilled to catch up and see how life had been to our dear friend. Then he continued to tell me that he had found someone so perfect and that they were getting married. We just couldn’t believe it. We were excited and just couldn’t wait to meet the lucky girl. We knew that she had to be amazing, and when we met her it was confirmed. After spending time with both of them during their engagement session and interacting with her up to the wedding date we soon came to realize that Jeremy wasn’t the only lucky one, so was Rod. They are what you call true partnership and it’s just awesome that they found each other. We love them both so much and we are just so humbled that we were able to be part of their beautiful and perfect day! Congratulations again and we wish you both endless years of happiness and laughter!

A Day to Remember Forever!

Special thank you to all the amazing vendors that worked together to give these two a night to remember!

Venue: Mission Inn Resort

Catering: Mission Inn Resort

Coordinator credits:Mission Inn Resort own Katie Jimenez, Francis Brown Lewis + Crystal Conner

Flowers: Peddles

Wedding Cake + Wedding Macaroon Favors: Le Petit Sweet

Sound: Alvin Giles

Bridal Gown: A Bridal Boutique Designed by Sottero & Midgley

Bridesmaids dresses: A Bridal Boutique, Pretty Maids

Makeup Artist: Sarai Rodriguez

Hair Stylist: Shari Robinson

Jewelry: Brides Earrings Macy’s (Givenchy), Engagement Ring Magestic Jewelers, Brides Band Zales, Grooms Band Larsons Jeweler

Groom and Groomsmen attire: Macy’s: Perry Ellis (vest and pants), Geoffrey Beene (shirt); The Tie Bar (ties)

DJ: Mr Magnum Music

Videographers: Cameron “Scooter” Magruder & Christian Climer

Thank you all so much!

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