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New Smyrna Beach Engagement : Hector + Yasmeen

January 23, 2019

Sometimes fate can have a great sense of humor. One minute you are on your way to your mothers job to drop something off , the next minute you are staring straight into the eyes of your future wife. Thats exactly how Hector and Yasmeen met. Hector says it was love at first sight and well, can you blame him. Her sweet, innocent yet confident demeanor is one to intrigue anyone who has a pulse! It took just that initial glance at her to know that he wanted her to be in his life.

After that, he was on a mission. Who is this beautiful woman? He asked his mom for assistance in the introduction but momma shut him down!

“Ah no no , not with my coworker”

In other words. Bye Felicia . That did not stop Hector. Eventually he got the opportunity to begin to court her. And court her he did! Fast forward to an emotional proposal in the park surrounded by their closest friends and family we are counting down the days along side them for the big day! Just the little bit of time spent with them during their engagement session was enough to know that these two were designed for each other!

Hector and Yasmeen, thank you so much for bringing us along for the ride! We couldn’t feel more blessed to be a part of such an important season in your lives and we just cannot wait to see you guys in April as you guys finally become husband and wife! We’re excited to share some of our favorite moments from your engagement session and we can’t wait to see you guys slay even more (if thats even possible) your wedding day!

Hector + Yasmeen

New Smyrna Beach Engagement


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