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Orchid Garden Orlando Wedding : Zac + Allie

January 12, 2019

We were already excited for Zac and Allie’s wedding. After breaking tacos together and sharing laughs during their engagement session it was a matter of when can we officially be two married couples at the next taco date! From the very first time we shared tacos at our home, we knew that Zac and Allie were our kind of people! They were so down to earth and their smiles are just so contagious. And the bromance between Landon and Zac… lets just say we have the threads of back and forth boomerangs between these two that will make you wet your pants of laughter.

Have you ever met people in your life that when you walk away you feel inspired to be a better person? Thats exactly what happened when we met Zac and Allie’s family last weekend for their wedding. We expected their friends and family to be awesome because, I mean hello, Zac and Allie are awesome. But my Lord we weren’t expecting to be blown away! We’ve meet so many beautiful and unique couples and families doing what we do. But Zac and Allie’s family stands out to us and has made such an impact in our lives.

They are a family with a foundation based on faith in Jesus Christ. Their love for God is evident without them even saying a word. You can see it in how they love and serve each other. Not just their parents, but their siblings, their cousins, their aunts and uncles, their friends, everyone! All praying for them as they start this new adventure as husband and wife. Speaking life into their marriage and future. Giving sound biblical advice! We witnessed it. A family that love each other the way Christ calls us to love. Truly so inspiring. We walked away wanting to be a better mother, a better father, a better daughter and son, a better sibling, a better friend. Seeing the product, Zac and Allie, of their parents hard work and love was truly an honor to capture!

Our favorite moment of the day was their first dance as husband and wife! The room was completely silent. All eyes were on them. They were in their own little world. The happiest they’ve ever been. Surrounded by people who love them and are excited for their future. All the amazing things they would accomplish. Excited for them to fulfill the purpose God has for them! It seriously reminded us of the end of The Beauty and The Beast movie. When Belle and the Beast are dancing in the grand ballroom. It was a perfect happily ever after moment.

Zac and Allie, we can’t even put into words how happy we are for the two of you. How proud we are of you both. How excited we are for you to start your lives together as husband and wife. We are so happy that we crossed paths. Building a friendship with you guys which we know will only continue to grow has been the biggest reward. Being in the presence of a God centered family has been the greatest life changing blessing in our lives. It was an honor for us to capture your first day as husband. And we are honored to be able to call you guys friends! Congratulations on this new, exciting journey we call marriage. Here is just a small recap of your perfect day!

Zac + Allie

Orchid Garden Orlando Fl.

Creative Team

Venue: Orchid Garden 

Planner: Tickled Pink Weddings • Florist: Flowers by Lesley  • Catering: Puff N’ Stuff • DJ: Fyerfly • Hair + Makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry • Brides Gown: One & Only Bridal • Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal • Jewelry: Jared • Rings: David Yurman • Mens Attire: Current by John Craig • Paper Goods: Paper Goat Post • Videography: Seltzer Films • Photography: The Hendricks


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