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Isola Farms Family Plus One 

November 6, 2017

It was the first Saturday of Spring. We had been waiting for our dear friends Lawren + Rico’s wedding ! As we pulled up on the property, we saw this itty bitty blonde carrying a mountain of floral arrangements. She waddled her way to the porch. At first, I thought that it was the way she was holding the arrangements that was making her waddle. After she put it down, and turned a round for the second run we realized the waddle wasn’t do to the flowers she was carrying. It was do to the 8 month pregnant belly she had. Landon and I looked at each other, “What the HECK is she doing?!” I told Landon” GET OUT THE CAR!!!! HELP HER!!!” There was no helping her! She was superwoman!!!!

We totally hit it off with Bryttany and her beautiful family at Isola as we worked Lawren and Rico’s wedding together. They made us feel like part of their family. We got to capture our couple on the happiest day of their life and make new friends with the Isola Farms family. Bryttany and her family are such caring people. So passionate in everything they do and serve all their brides with all their hearts! They value marriage and family and have the best southern hospitality we’ve ever seen. That was three years ago and we still love every chance we get to spend time with them! Wether we are working a wedding, touring and celebrating Bryttany’s new dream farmhouse and now capturing the expansion of her family, it is all such a blessing to us.

When Bryttany told us she was expecting baby number two we were so stinking excited! When we found out it was a girl… We were over the moon. A new little girl for our girls to play with. A lucky little girl already, with such an amazing and beautiful mom. A cute big brother and humble and loving father! Spending Sunday together, watching our kiddos play together and Bryttany SLAY her baby bump was total perfection!!!! Casey + Bryttany, thank you so much for sharing this exciting new chapter with us! We are so blessed to be able to call you guys friends! Here are just some of our favorites!

Isola Farms Family Plus One

Casey + Bryttany Expecting Baby #2


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