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Our Story Part 5 The First Kiss

January 3, 2018

Our Story Part 5

The First Kiss

They were finally out of the friend zone! That doesn’t change that Landon and Stephanie continued to move at the pace of a snail to make it official.Well Landon more than Stephanie.  After homecoming, they were inseparable. When they weren’t in school they were on the phone. When they weren’t on the phone Stephanie was at Landon’s house.

Two months passed after homecoming and Stephanie was starting to get impatient! Seriously, how much longer was she going to have to wait for Landon to make his move. She thought she had been pretty clear in that she wouldn’t dodge the kiss. How? You may ask. Well… One day after school while they were hanging out at Landon’s mom’s house Stephanie just came right out and asked him, “When the heck are you going to kiss me?” They had already been friends for a year and a half. They had even  had the formal conversation of “okay we are TALKING exclusively”. Yet Landon kept his lips to himself.

Part of Stephanie wanted to know already if it would be awkward. Were they too good of friends to be more than friends. Would this kiss ruin everything? AHHHH the anxiety was driving her crazy. She kind of just wanted to get it over with. She had never asked a boy to kiss her. Landon turned red. Not just red, but bright red. Don’t worry, he still didn’t kiss her.  Stephanie actually fell more head over heals for him. She realized how she no longer wanted the kiss out of curiosity. She now wanted him to kiss her because she want him too.

This is the boy she’s always known. Respectful. A true gentlemen. Just the boy every mom and dad wants for their daughter. He was the complete opposite of every other high school guy. That night, Stephanie went home with a huge smile on her face. No kiss, yet still happy. Happier than ever actually. When she walked through the door she told her mom, “I found the man I’m going to marry! He’s everything I prayed for when I was 9 years old mom”. Her mom smiled and in that very moment she was on a cloud higher than cloud nine!

A couple of weeks later Stephanie dropped Landon off at work like she always did. Landon was about to jump out the car and this time instead of kissing Stephanie on the cheek, like he always did. Landon looked at Stephanie and said “Is it okay if I kiss you?” Stephanie thought to herself “Is it okay, is it okay, its more than okay suga”. Landon leaned in. He closed his eyes. Puckered up. And kissed her. Stephanie was so nervous, she didn’t even close her eyes. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to leave her hanging all puckered up. If you know Landon, its totally something he would do. But he didn’t leave her hanging. He kissed her and it was perfect. On November 22, 2004 Landon and Stephanie had their first kiss and it was completely worth the wait!

After the big moment! The moment Stephanie had been waiting for. Landon had got out the car and walked into work. Not even 15 seconds off the parking lot, Stephanie’s phone rang and it was Landon. Apparently he had read his schedule wrong and didn’t have to be at work for another hour. She went back to pick him up and they sat in the car for a moment. They looked at each other and said “Ahhhhh yeah so you wanna go to the mall and get some tacos” :-). One kiss, two besties and their tacos!


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