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Our Story Part 8 : Graduation

March 5, 2018

Part 8


The day every teenager anxiously awaits for had finally arrived. Graduation Day. What a rollercoaster of emotions! You leave the nest. Step into the real world like a little bird learning how to fly. Landon and Stephanie were excited to learn to fly in the real world together! Landon was stoked because although school wasn’t finally over for Stephanie, it was for him! They would get grownup jobs with grown up bills.

As you read in the previous blog, Stephanie was no longer going across the state for college. Stephanie said “No thank you”  to Yale and instead applied to University of South Florida in Tampa Florida. Yes it wasn’t Orlando, but it was a lot better to take a one to one and a half hour drive than to have to get on a plane every time she wanted to see Landon. She received the acceptance letter and it was official.

They celebrated with their friends and family. Once graduation night ended Stephanie went home and just laid in bed. Her wheels started spinning.  She never thought about it before,  but then it sunk in. At the end of this summer she was moving to Tampa and Landon was staying in Orlando. Yes. She would still be able to see him, but not everyday. Ever since their first kiss they had spent time together everyday. That would no longer be the case. As happy as she was that she didn’t have to get on a plane to see Landon, she knew that it was not going to be possible to see Landon everyday. All of a sudden she felt the same knot in her stomach she felt when she read her Yale acceptance letter.

Stephanie worked three jobs that summer. She was saving money and preparing for her new life that was months away. Rent, car payment, books, food and utilities were going to soon be her reality so she wanted to be prepared. Even if it was for only five minutes because they both were working so much, they made it a point to spend every free moment together.

There were two weeks left before the big move. Stephanie sat in the break room at work. She picked up the phone and called Landon like she did every break. She told Landon she was nervous about the move and didn’t know if she could do it. She didn’t know if she could be a part from him for more than a day.

“My mind is telling me I’m overreacting but my heart is telling my I’m crazy for leaving”

As she began to say that she had to get off the phone to get back to work, Landon said

“This is just something we need to do right now but it will not break us. I’m going to make you my wife one day. “

What a Rico Suave line to throw on her over the phone. The had both known that they wanted to get married one day but neither had ever said it out loud to the each other before this. They exchanged their I love you’s and Stephanie went back to work.

The day they had both been dreading had arrived! Summer was over. It was moving day! The car was loaded and  off she was on her way to Tampa. That night Stephanie sat in her room, in her new apartment. Alone. Scared. She though of how long these four years were going to be. How much longer they were going to feel with her in Tampa and Landon in Orlando. Then she began to cry. It was official.  This was the first day of their long distance relationship and unpredictable future.


To be continued…

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