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Our Story Part 3 : In the middle of the storm

December 7, 2017

Our Story Part 3

In the middle of the storm

School was closed. The windows were boarded. Stocked lifetime supply of water and perishables. Bathtub and bathroom ready with sleeping bags and pillows. . Flashlights. Satellite radio. Everyone was tuned into the news. Parents running around like a chicken with their heads cut off, preparing for the worst. Hurricane Charley was on his way with a vengeance to Florida. While the parents were freaking out, Landon and Stephanie were just excited that they didn’t have to go to school. It was a great mini vacation. No homework. The only thing they were going to  miss was that bomb taco salad.

The wind started to pick up. Charley had arrived. Tornados. Hail. In the middle of the storm, while Stephanie’s mom tucked her and her sister in the bathroom in the bathtub, Stephanie yapped away on the phone with Landon. I mean, after all,  it was a “near death” experience so of course they had to spend it on the phone sharing their life story. Before this they had never talked on the phone, because he had a girlfriend. But not anymore! “BYE FELICIA!” So it was time to fill him in. Let him know what he was getting himself into. If you’ve met Stephanie , you know she can talk! And not just summarize. She goes in detail. She knows how to make you feel like you were there even if you were across the country when it happened.

After nine hours on the phone, the basics were covered. Where they were born. Where they grew up. The embarrassing stories. Sibling drama. Schools and they were finally up to middle school timeframe. Romantic right? You would think, “how flipping cute”. Landon starts talking about middle school. Stephanie didn’t have much to say about that, except that she jumped around between 4 middle schools because she moved so much. Landon started going through the list of mutual friends that he went to middle school with and he mentions “Alba”.  Alba was Stephanie’s best friend. Then Stephanie blurts out ” OMG , yeah I knew that! She told me she had a crush on you in middle school.” WHAT!!

Stephanie really put her foot in her mouth, but she just couldn’t stop. The conversation went from “How YOU doing?” to “Hey, Alba had a crush on you. What do you think about her?” Again. WHAT?! How the heck Stephanie went into match making mode is totally confusing. It’s like she had diarrhea of the mouth. She couldn’t stop!! As she spoke she was confused too. It’s like in her mind she thought, “OMG this is it , he IS as perfect as I thought. I think this is the one. The boy I prayed for when I was a little girl” but her mouth was totally betraying her and sabotaging her game!!!

To be continued….

 in the middle of the storm

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