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Our Story Part 4 : Homecoming

December 27, 2017

Our Story Part 4


Landon and Stephanie survived Hurricane Charley (If you missed last weeks series catch up before you continue reading) and were now back in school.  They were in an awkward space. Stephanie totally felt like she had completely thrown their entire situation off course. The guy that she spent the last week with on the phone during a life and death situation, was the one and she had just pawned off on her best friend. Thankfully her bestie had a major crush at the time on another guy and Stephanie dodged a bullet! Soon after, they were back on track.

Homecoming was around the corner and Stephanie was secretly hoping that Landon would ask her, but she didn’t want to be obvious so she never even mentioned it. At this time they were still just friends. Stephanie left the ball in Landon’s court. One day during lunch, Landon asked Stephanie “Hey are you going to homecoming?” Stephanie told him “Not sure yet”. She tried to play it cool. This was the moment. The moment that she had been waiting for. You know the moment that they finally get out of that friend zone. It was ridiculous! They liked each other but each other but neither could figure out how to make the change from friends to, “What’s up?”.

She didn’t realize that Landon was actually trying to ask her to homecoming. As he opens his mouth to say his next sentence, a mutual friend runs up to Stephanie and yells “Hey the captain of the football team, Ozzie, has a major crush on you and wants to meet you” Stephanie stood there waiting for Landon to finish his sentence, hoping he would just ask her already but he said “Thats cool, go meet him and we’ll talk later”. REALLY?  All those butterflies for nothing. Stephanie had no interest in meeting Ozzie. She already had her energy geared towards Landon but holy crap he was moving at the pace of a snail.

Stephanie went with her friend and met him. No chemistry at ALL!!! Nice guy! But just not interested. A few weeks went by and Ozzie continued to reach out to Stephanie during school and be “friends”. Meanwhile Stephanie was cringing because she was waiting for Landon to ask her to homecoming and nothing!!! She didn’t realize it but Landon totally thought that he was out of the game the minute Ozzie came into the picture. They were just weeks away from homecoming and Stephanie finally got asked to homecoming. But don’t get excited. Its not who you think. Ozzie asked her  and she said yes to avoid going by herself.

Two days later. After all the time Stephanie waited. Landon walks up to her and asks her to homecoming. REALLY?! Stephanie had to break his heart and tell him that she was already going with Ozzie. “I was waiting for you to ask me and you never did!!!” There was a moment of awkwardness again and the bell rang and it was time to go back to class.

Two weeks before homecoming, there was a horrible accident. A mutual friend passed and all of a sudden there was a cloud of sadness that covered our senior class. It was Ozzie’s best friend and he was just going through a lot. Stephanie and Ozzie decided not to go together and just go with a group of friends.

Homecoming night had finally arrived! Landon got dapper and delicious and went with his friends. Stephanie got dolled up, false lashes and all, and was ready to go with her friends. Stephanie walked into homecoming excited and nervous. She had never been to a dance. Landon arrived. The first person he looked for was Stephanie. Dresses everywhere but not one of them had Stephanie in it! They finally bumped into each other, took pictures and started talking.  They danced together. Yes Landon, surprised her a little when he started dancing Merengue to Elvis Crespo, Suavemente . Before they knew it the night was over and they had spend the entire dance together. Talking. Laughing. Never once even checking in on their friends.  Stephanie had ditched her friends and Landon ditched his friends. The moment had finally arrived!!! They finally crossed over out of the friend zone!!!!

To be continued…


our story part 4 homecoming



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