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We're The Hendricks , a hubby and wife duo... YEAH!!! We're high school sweethearts who ran towards the alter at 20 to say "I Do". We didn't realize the importance of pictures back then and so we didn't invest in it. This has been our greatest regret. Looking back, all we have are our memories and nothing to show our daughters. This is why we are so passionate about weddings. We strive to capture every wedding as if it were our own. We care about it all, the important moments, the "insignificant" moments, the details, the candids, and the traditional photos mom and granny want for the mantle. It's all important and we'll do whatever it takes to capture it. Making complete fools of ourselves to get your natural and honest reaction on camera is never out of the question. Oh, don't worry, we’ll get those romantic shots you want with your stud muffin as well, without him even realizing it. On your wedding day, we’ll be like two couples hanging out capturing amazing pictures as the day unfolds, keeping the perfect balance between creating moments and letting them just happen.