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Our Story Part One : The Day We Met

November 16, 2017

Day in and day out we have couples welcome us into their most intimate moments. One of our favorite moments when we meet a new couple is hearing their story. Every couple has one. We get to swoon over the details. How they met. The courtship. The I like you moment. The proposal. We are hanging on every word that they say. Once they are done with their story they always ask “What about you guys?” We thought it is only appropriate to share our story. In the next series of blogs we will be sharing our story from the first encounter to our I do’s.

Our Story

Part 1: The Day We Met

Part 2: How YOU Doing?

Part 3: In the middle of the storm

Part 4: Homecoming

Part 5: The First Kiss

Part 6: Our First “I Love YOU”

Part 7 : Senior Prom

Part 8: Graduation

Part 9: Long Distance Hardships

Part 10: The Proposal 

Part 11: Our Wedding Day


Our Story Part 1

The Day We Met

Landon walked into the lunchroom. It was like a scene out of She’s All That. Everyone was in their cliques.  All the cool kids with the cool kids. A room full of teenagers that walked around thinking and acting like they were in their 30’s. Landon normally hung out with girls. The cool girls. The girls all the boys talked about. The hot girls. But on this day. He took a detour. He went to say hi to a friend that sat at a different table. The table with the kids that really didn’t have a “category”. They weren’t the “cool kids” but they also weren’t the “chess team” . Landon didn’t know it then but that was  the table that Stephanie sat at.

She’d been sitting at that table for a year and a half but had never noticed her. Until this day. Landon greeted his friend. His attention was quickly stolen by a loud girl. Stephanie. Landon quickly asked his friend, Ash, “Who’s that?” Stephanie had no idea that Landon was around. She wasn’t having a great day. Anyone who’s been in high school knows how that is. Landon says that she was yelling at someone but if you ask Stephanie she will deny it and say she was just talking normal, volume 10. Ash introduced them and then the bell rang and lunch was over. Landon headed to his next class “Man she’s pretty but she’s so mean!”  Stephanie headed over to her next class with her best friend thinking “Awe he’s so funny we should ask him to sit at our table tomorrow”.

Landon and Stephanie didn’t know it then but that was just the beginning.

To be continued…


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