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Lake Louisa Engagement : Tyler + Kim

November 26, 2017

From high school friends to college sweethearts to their engagement session in Lake Louisa State Park! As they settled into their careers, Tyler moved to Oregon for work and Kim had just started her dream job as a NICU nurse stayed in Orlando. During a visit to Oregon Tyler to Kim to the beach. It was the first time Kim had been to the Pacific Ocean. She was obsessed with all of the rocks on the beach. Florida only has seashells, so the rocks was a beautiful change.  Kim told Tyler she wanted to take one as a souvenir. He said it was a good idea anticipating that she would pick one that she could actually bring back to Orlando. Kim picked out a 52-pound rock. Tyler looked at Kim like she had lost her mind. Kim looked at Tyler and  said, “We can engrave it with our last name when we get married and put it by our front door of our house.” The rock made it back to Tyler’s apartment, and Kim went back to Orlando. Eight months passed and the rock still sat in Tyler’s apartment.

A few months later Kim woke up and got ready for work like she normally did everyday. When she got out of work that night, it was pouring. She was tired and hungry so she stopped to pick up the next best thing to a home cooked meal, Taco Bell. When she  walked into her apartment she saw the rock from the beach engraved with “will you marry me?”, their dog, Penny, in a wedding dress, and Tyler, all the way from Oregon, down on one knee. After saying “this isn’t happening” about ten times and setting down her Taco Bell, Tyler asked her  to marry him, and of course, she said yes!

Tyler and Kim, spending Black Friday with you at Lake Louisa, was by far the best way I’ve ever spent Black Friday! We cannot wait to see you guys in January as you make it official! You, Kim and Penny will officially be The Greulichs ! Here are some of our favorite moments from your nuzzle session at Lake Louisa :-).

Lake Louisa Engagement

Tyler + Kim

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