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Our Story Part 2 : How YOU doing?

November 27, 2017

Our Story Part 2

How YOU Doing?

Despite the bad first impression Stephanie  made on Landon, they became great friends and spent every lunch together after that first meeting. That was their quality time because they had never even exchanged numbers. You see Landon had a girlfriend and well Stephanie never asked out of respect for his relationship. With all that said they became besties and every single lunch they sat together eating taco salads and laughing at random things.

Summer break came and went and Landon and Stephanie had not talked all summer! But it was the first day of senior year. You know when you finally step foot on campus and you immediately go searching for your friends to catch up on whats happened over the last two months. Legit like a scene out of One Tree Hill.  Of course, the first person that popped in Stephanie’s head was Landon. She searched the entire school for him, asking left and right if anyone had seen the funny white boy with glasses and a blowout. You would think, ahhhh what a generic description right? You’d be surprised how everyone knew exactly who she was talking about.

The bell rang and no luck finding Landon anywhere. Stephanie made her way to class  thinking “wow that sucks, I was looking forward to hanging out with him because he’s soooo funny!” It was time for lunch she made her way to the same table she had sat at all year the year before. With her taco salad, not talking much, just eating. She saw a familiar backpack dropped onto the table and when she looked up there was this skinny kid in glasses with a huge smile, Landon! She jumped up out of her seat and gave him the biggest hug. The posse was back together!

One day,  Stephanie stood in the lunch line waiting for her bestie, Landon, energy on 10 and super excited because it was taco salad day! It was Landon and Stephanie’s favorite lunch. Landon finally made it to the lunch line. But he didn’t greet her with the big smile he normally greeted her with. His eyes were red, swollen and he was so pale.

“Who died?” Stephanie asked. Landon looked at her with watery eyes. Stephanie immediately thought ‘crap someone died and here I am Mrs No Filter asking who died’ . She asked him again “What’s wrong?” Landon went on to tell her that he broke up with his girlfriend the night before. “YAAAAAAYYYYYYY” Stephanie screamed. Again, Mrs No Filter! Landon looked at her with his big watery blue eyes and then Stephanie immediately said ” I mean… I’m so sorry to hear that! Are you okay! ” Landon told Stephanie the whole story , which for the sake of not turning this into a soap opera, won’t be shared here but just to summarize, it was her loss and Stephanie’s gain!

Stephanie tried to comfort Landon ” You are such an amazing guy! You are better off! She’s a …… (As established in the first blog, Stephanie had a temper so you can fill in the blank) You deserve way better and I know that there are so many girls that would jump at the opportunity to be with an amazing guy like you!”  Landon looked at Stephanie and said ” Oh yeah, like who?”

“AHHHH LIKE MEE suga! How YOU doin?” (In that Joey Tribbiani voice) ….To be continued !

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