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Bok Towers Engagement | Tim + Stefanie

March 22, 2019

I don’t know about you but, in the past I was never a fan of work dinners. I mean you already spend so much time with coworkers and the spare time I’ve always been very selfish with. But after discovering, from our bride Stefanie, that’s where she met her future husband, thanks to a little help from her neighbor, Jose,  who happened to be Tim’s boss. We agree with Stefanie when she says that she thinks Jose planned to play matchmaker all along.

Whether it was a coincidence or intentional, when Jose sent Tim out to introduce himself to Stefanie, he was instantly smitten the moment she looked up at him. There his stood in his chef attire, looking at his future wife! Its safe to say he was smitten although I’m sure looking back Stefanie probably was too knowing that she would never have to cook again a day in her life. Ok I added that part, but heck I lets be honest happy belly happy wife! Stefanie didn’t admit it there and then but it didn’t take long to see that she was smitten too! Thanks to Jose and his wife, she would have an opportunity again to see just how smitten she really was. A little wine tasting and two days straight of bonding, by the third day it was official. They were officially both smitten. So much so that they each texted their families that this was it!

I found the person I’m going to marry!


We loved being able to get to know these two during their engagement session was such a joy. It is so evident that they are best friends and that they are so excited to do life together as husband and wife and their little princess Chloe. Stefanie says that Tim is her best friend and her place of rest. He’s shown her what true love and devotion look like, and she still gets the butterflies every time she looks at him. And we have to admit that we get butterflies looking at these two together! We cannot wait for their wedding next month at Bella Collina. I’m prepared to cry lol but for now I am sharing some of our favorite moments that just melted our hearts during their engagement session.

Tim + Stefanie

Bok Tower Garden | Whales Fl

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