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REVIEW : CANON 35MM, 1.4 vs. CANON 16MM-35MM, 2.8

August 11, 2017

In the beginning of our careers when we purchased our gear we knew that we wanted to have a full range in lenses. One of the lenses we used was  the CANON 16MM-35MM, 2.8. This lens was such a necessity for small getting ready areas on a wedding day and full room shots of the reception and ceremony area. This year we had finally saved up the benjamins and decided to make a transition to prime lenses. Our first purchase was the CANON 35MM, 1.4 . Needless to say we are obsessed with this lens! We even use it for portraits which we never used the CANON 16MM-35MM, 2.8 for. In the video below we share

  • Why we made the decision to buy it
  • What types of shots we use the lens for
  • Compare the CANON 35MM, 1.4 vs. CANON 16MM-35MM, 2.8
  • Why we still keep the CANON 16MM-35MM, 2.8
  • What situations we would use one over the other


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