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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

August 9, 2017

Let’s keep this short and sweet. We all want the biggest day of our lives to go perfect, but the reality is that will never happen. As wedding photographers we’ve seen our share mishaps throughout the wedding day. This inspired us to put together a list of items that every bride should have in their wedding day emergency kit. If you are a bridesmaid reading this blog, hint hint, major cool points opportunity ;-).

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Blister Treatment: There is nothing more terrifying and embarrassing than having a sore on your wedding day, wether its you or anyone in your wedding party.

All eyes are on you so this is the worst time for this to happen

Sewing Kit: (white thread , black thread and thread the color of your bridesmaids dresses)

Nail File: avoid getting your nails caught on your dresses

Lotion: because nobody likes ashy skin

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Tide to Go Pen

Tide to Go Stain Eraser


Krazy Glue

Dental Flossers

First Aid Kit


Benadryl This is a big one especially in the spring and with outdoor weddings. 

Bobby Pins 

Granola Bars : Brides forget to eat ALL the time! Pack some granola bars because chances are you won’t realize that you haven’t eaten all day until you are starving and HANGRY

Mouth Wash

Clear Nail Polish  to fix chipped nails, runs in stockings, or even buttons on suit coats that are about to fall off.


Pain Reliever 

Fabric Tape – Just in case a hem starts to fall on anyone’s clothing.

Hand Wipes :Everyone should be wiping their hands before touching the dress, especially the bridesmaids. We don’t want to get makeup on that pretty dress.

Earring Backs

Eye Drops

Extra pair of Contacts: If you wear contacts we recommend that you bring an extra pair with you incase you have one fall out or damaged.

Corsage Pins


Safety Pins

Nail Clippers



Bug Spray 

Hair Spray – I recommend humidity resistant hair sprays  especially in Florida

Lint Roller





Lipstick/lipgloss: Your lipstick won’t last all day, make sure you have one handy to touch up so you can look exquisite the entire day!


Wedding Day Emergency Kit



This should have you covered for any emergencies that can happen on your wedding day!


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