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Cypress Grove Estate House | Tim + Gianna

March 31, 2019

The first time we ever met Tim and Gianna was at a tasting that we were photographing at Cypress Grove Estate House. Up until that moment we had only had the pleasure of chatting with them through emails. Through emails alone we were already in love with Tim and Gianna and finally meeting them put the cherry on top!

The first thing that caught our attention was their incredible smiles! I guess if you’ve read our blog for a while you’ll notice it is totally one of the first things that we are drawn to! We are obsessed with teeth hahaha! And their teeth were just so perfect! But what was more perfect was the two of them. We could tell from the moment that we met them that they were truly best friends! We know first hand how amazing it is to be married to your best friend and we could not wait for these two adorable, sweet souls to experience the gift of marriage.

On their wedding day, I have to admit I was a hot mess of tears! You’ll see shortly why. We are saps for man tears! And boy were there loads of them. We knew that Gianna was a daddy’s girl and we also knew that Dad was going to try to keep it together. But we cannot blame him for his reaction when he first saw Gianna. Pops stood there with a smile on his face so ready to see his daughter . His baby girl. His forever little princess.

” Wow ! You look so beautiful”

Was all dad could say with watery eyes before he realized that he needed to stop talking if he wanted to succeed at all with keeping those tears that were accumulating in his eyes, from breaking free and making their way down his cheeks. He stepped back. If I’m honest, I think he was trying to find a corner to hide in. But could not take his eyes off of his daughter. And when he couldn’t hold it any longer, he broke down! We got all the waterworks and had our share of waterworks behind the camera. We can just imagine how he felt. Here stood his daughter. Who was an itty bitty baby in his arms, what felt like just yesterday. A flash of memories of her life entered his mind as she stood there. The first time she crawled. Her first step. Her first crush. First heartbreak and now there she stood. A grown woman. One that he was so proud to call his daughter. About to be someones wife. And as much as he tried , he realized that there was no way that he’d be able to control how proud and blown away he was in that very moment by his daughter.

It was finally time to walk his baby girl down the aisle. Time to formally hand her over to Tim. The young man who not only won his daughters heart, but also won his and the entire family’s. And we knew that as hard as it was, it was his honor to hand his daughter to such an amazing young man.

At the end of the aisle. At the altar stood Tim. Not even close to being able to successfully contain his tears either. We can’t blame him. The vision of Gianna walking down the aisle is one that will forever remain in our minds. There she was. His best friend. His wife. In that moment he knew that this was indeed the best day ever!

Tim and Gianna, OMG to say that we love you guys and your family is an understatement! We feel SO blessed and honored to have been a part of your day! So honored to witness your beautiful union and just humbled to have been able to serve you guys and your families! We love you guys so much and are so excited for you to experience this amazing journey as husband and wife. Plus, we cannot wait to double date 😉 !!! As you celebrate your first week as husband and wife, here are some of our favorite moments of your big day!

Tim + Gianna

Cypress Grove Estate House | Orlando Fl

Creative Team

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House

Planner: Pearl White Events

Flowers: Flowers by Lesley • Garlands: The Garland Guy • Cake: Sugar Sugar Cake Boutique • DJ: White Rose Entertainment • Hair + Makeup: Lejeune Artistry • Catering: Big City Catering • Bridal Gown: The White Magnolia Jacksonville • Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie • Brides Shoes: Betsey Johnson • Rings: The White Magnolia Rings • Mens Attire: Mens Warehouse • Paper Goods: Minted • Photography : The Hendricks

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