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Lake Louisa State Park Engagement| Bobby + Lauren

April 9, 2019

When we first chatted with Lauren, we briefly had a chance to see her gorgeous bright smile and vibrant eyes for like 10.5 seconds. You see she was on her way to work and Facetiming and driving is not the best way to be safe on the road haha. We had to switch to just a regular phone call, but in just those 10.5 seconds Landon and I were so blown away.


We were smitten but for the rest of the call we could just hear her smile the entire time. Especially when she talked about Bobby. Her best friend. Her soon to be husband. We could hear that smile and those sparkly eyes through the phone. Or at least we could just imagine them. We knew that Bobby had to be a pretty spectacular guy to have landed such a sweetheart. Like legit, the all time sweetheart!

When we finally met them in person for their engagement session, all of our assumptions and these spectacular people we envisioned and built up onto a pedestal, were confirmed. They were just the most adorable together and their pups, oh my word their pups!!! I wish I could blog emojis to emphasize just how we feel about them.

Its safe to say that we absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day to finally get here! Bobby and Lauren, we are so happy that our paths crossed and that now we are being blessed with the job of capturing two of the sweetest people we’ve ever met become husband and wife. We know that your big day is truly going to be magical! Here are some of our favorite magical moments from your engagement session at Lake Louisa State Park.

Bobby + Lauren

Lake Louisa State Park Engagement | Clermont Fl.

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