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Veranda Park, Crystal Ballroom | Hector + Yasmeen

April 10, 2019

Nothing gets us more amped up for a wedding day than a couple who loves you as much as you love them! From the moment we first met them in our office, we knew that they were our kind of people. We were so moved by their love story, that when they told us that they wanted for us to be a part of their day we were had to contain ourselves so that we wouldn’t look like bashful little high school girls. But boy were we squealing inside.

One of the most moving moments of the day was when we had to meet up with the groom to get him in position for the first look with the love of his life. We had heard the entire day from the amazing girls from Your Runway Events, that the groom , Hector was very nervous. I have to say that Hector takes the trophy for the all time most nervous groom ever!

I could legit see his heart pounding through his uniform. I asked him

How do you feel?

All I got was a thumbs up. Some may think why was he so nervous, but the truth is that it was clear his nerves weren’t about marrying his best friend. His nerves were shadowing the fact that he truly could not believe that Yasmeen was going to be his wife. The most beautiful, kind hearted, selfless woman that he has ever met. So good that we don’t blame him for wondering if it was all a dream!

To his pleasant confirmation, it wasn’t a dream. Yasmeen was real. In the flesh. Standing just a few feet behind him. And in just a moment they would both turn around and see that they were in fact real. They were seriously going to spend the best day ever with their best friend. But even better, this is just the first day of the best days that lie ahead.

Hector and Yasmeen, thank you so much for sharing your fairytale with us. We know that your marriage will be one favored by God because you have both committed to keep him at the center of your lives and your marriage! That, and the fact that you guys truly light each other up. We cannot wait to see all the adventures you guys go on and what the future holds for you!

Hector + Yasmeen

Veranda Park, Crystal Ballroom | Metrowest Fl

The Creative Team

Venue: Veranda Park , The Crystal Ballroom

Planner: Your Runway Events

Florals: In bloom Florist

Cake: Anna Cakes • Catering: Cocktails Catering • Hairstylist: The Makeover Station • Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies • Unique Entertainment: La Hora Loca • DJ: White Rose Entertainment • Makeup Artist: Lynet Ramos • Videography: Kemari Lyn Films • Photography: The Hendricks

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