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Disney Boardwalk | David + Erin

February 6, 2019

I think everyone can agree that Disney is a pretty magical place! Not just because its Mickey’s home but because it is one of David and Erin’s favorite places to go! I mean the girl runs at almost every Disney Marathon with her stud on the sidelines supporting her as she runs her little heart out. It made perfect sense to capture their engagement at the Disney Boardwalk! The only thing more magical than their love for Disney is how the night David popped the question!

David was Erin’s older brother best friend in college. YES! That’s not a typo. Erin bumped into David at a college party that her brother dragged her a long for as his personal designated driver. Well broski, had no idea that night his best friend would be his future brother in law!  David’s accent just had Erin feeling all sorts of butterflies. Side note: we’ve heard it ourselves… Its pretty captivating if we do say so ourselves. But David isn’t just charming because of his accent. He is such a thoughtful soul. Just a little example of how thoughtful: he recreated their first date the night he proposed. Everything from the dinner at Olive Garden and a movie, to the walk on the exact same beach they shared their first kiss five years prior. The only thing different is that this time he’d be kissing his fiancé not his girlfriend.  I know what you are all thinking,

What the heck did Erin’s brother think about his best Friend smooching his sister?

I think its safe to say that big brother approved as he was hiding in the dunes taking photos of the most incredible moment of their lives.

David and Erin, you guys are as cute as a stinking button! We loved walking the Boardwalk with you guys and getting to know you guys better! After your session we have no doubt that your wedding day next year at Luxmore Estate House is going to be nothing less than spectacular!!! Here are some of our favorite moments from your session!

David + Erin

Disney Boardwalk | Orlando, Fl.


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