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The Royal Crest Room | Patrick + Claudia

February 27, 2019

Today we are sharing a very special lady’s wedding on the blog. Let us start by rewinding and say that when she first emailed us it had been 13 years since we had last spoke. You see we went to high school together and rode the school bus together. Plus we agonized about the work load and lack of sleep do to our studies together! We had so many goals and dreams and we were focused to take advantage of every opportunity that present itself no matter how little sleep we got. I was excited to hear that she was doing well in her career and even more that she had found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I can’t even begin to explain the honor that we felt being invited to capture this chapter in her life. In their lives! We were even more excited to meet the stud muffin who sparked this fire of love in her. Ironically enough he’s a firefighter, but this is one fire he did not have any intention of putting out!

The day of their wedding couldn’t have gone more smoothly. They were surrounded by their peers, friends and family and it was evident that they all saw the same thing that we saw when we first sat down with both Patrick and Claudia in our office just a few months before their wedding. They saw that Patrick definitely brought out a side of Claudia that just made her radiant! I remember Claudia  as a confident and self assured woman who sets goals, plans and executes. And the years hadn’t changed that! But Patrick just added to the amazing strong woman she already is. He provides a comfort and safe place for Claudia to be vulnerable. Its evident that she knows that it is no longer her chugging towards a dream. Now she has someone that she can trust and be free to share her dreams with, have new dreams with and work together with towards every goal and adventure.

The most heartwarming moment for us was when Claudia locked eyes with Patrick when she was walking down the aisle. She tried so hard to contain her tears but in the end she let them roll because she was walking towards the one person that she could be 100% herself with. The person she trusts. The person she would become with in just a matter of moments. There was no need to conceal the joy, the love, and all the emotions she was feeling in that very moment!

Patrick and Claudia, thank you both so much for blessing us with the task of capturing your first day as husband and wife! We couldn’t be happier for the both of you. You guys compliment each other so perfectly and bring out so many amazing qualities in each other. We cannot wait to see what amazing things lie ahead for you both! But for now lets look back at some of our favorite moments from your big day! Love you guys very much.

Patrick + Claudia

The Royal Crest Room | Saint Cloud, Fl.

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