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Bok Tower Garden Engagement : Jeremy + Brianna

March 8, 2019

If at first you don’t succeed, try. try. try again! Today’s couple has made such an impact on us. They both have, but Jeremy especially! You see, Jeremy first laid eyes on Brianna in high school! He knew right away that there was more to her than her beauty. She was smart, funny, endearing and he knew that she was the one. He know he wanted her to be his first date. Jeremey had built up the courage to ask Brianna to go with him to homecoming. Little did he know that he was her first date too. But before you say oh my word, another adorable high school sweetheart couple, let us stop you. You see Jeremy knew she was the one, but bless his heart Brianna did reciprocate the same epiphany.

Nearly 10 years later, YES, 10 years later, Brianna said yes to to Jeremy and little did she know that it would be the best decision she’s ever make! Now they are engaged and we are so flipping excited to have been able to capture this milestone for them! Bok Tower Garden was the perfect setting for these two to document their engagement. These two are two of the most timid beings we have ever met. And we absolutely loved every second of it! Y’all the only thing more beautiful than the blooms at Bok Tower was the sparkle in Brianna’s eyes when she looked at Jeremy and the gigantic smile on Jeremy’s face after every kiss! OMG we could just squeeze these two!

Jeremy and Brianna, we are absolutely crushing on you guys and how perfect you both are for each other! We just cannot wait to spend your wedding day with you guys! Jeremy 10 years of persistence and determination and we are so happy you did because we cannot imagine two people more perfect for each other! Here are just some of our favorite moments from your session!

Jeremy + Brianna

Bok Tower Garden | Lake Whales Fl.

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