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Lake Runnymede Engagement Session : Jordan + Brittany

March 20, 2019

Sometimes when a girl sees something in a guy she just cannot wait for him to make the first move. Because at the end of the day honey, if you see it chances are someone else will too and if you snooze, GURL, you will loose. Well… We are so happy that Brittany did not hesitate to make the first move because these two are so perfect for each other. It just warms our hearts at how they look at each other. You know that sparkle. But it is more than a sparkle. Even after being together for three years they look at each other with this flirtatious playful glimpse. It is just absolutely the most adorable thing ever. It is so evident that these two are so head over heals for each other and we are so excited that they have invited us to joining them as they start this new chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

One of the highlights of their session for us was when Brittany shared with us how he popped the question. You see , these two are parents to two of the most adorable fur babies I ever did see, and that says a lot because I am normally bias and say that our three fur babies are the most adorable puppies in the world. Well this puppy dad popped the question with the help of their heart melting, I’m so cute you’d probably let me chew all your shoes, cute puppy,  smack in the middle of DC:

“Will you marry my dog dad ?”

Of course she said yes. Yes to the pup and a heck yes to her doggy daddy! YAY!

Jordan and Brittany, thank you so much for inviting us to capture this exciting new chapter for you and your fur babies! We are so excited for your day to finally arrive when you can call each other husband and wife. We enjoyed getting to know you guys so much and appreciate the little sneak peeks at the dance moves that we can expect on your wedding day! Here are some of our favorite moments from your session!

Jordan + Brittany

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session | Saint Cloud. Fl


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