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Winter Garden Village : Ben + Jen

March 20, 2019


It’s funny how people meet sometimes! You see, Ben and Jen sort of met through his brother. Jennifer worked with his brother, and he kept telling her for MONTHS how great his brother, Ben, was. He insisted that the two of them should date. Jennifer being the shy introvert that she is, brushed off the suggestion. She had never had any luck with setups in the past and just couldn’t bring herself to go through all the anxiety for another fail.

Well, one night Jennifer went to a poker game at a coworker’s house, and guess who was there!!! BEN! Ben was there!  They started talking in the kitchen, hit it off immediately, and ended up chatting the rest of the night! Of course Ben’s brother did a few casual strolls by the kitchen to see how everything was going and despite how nerve wrecking it was for everyone to be so curious about the status of their conversation they ended up exchanging numbers. We look forward to Ben’s brother speech for their wedding where I’m sure that he will make it a point to remind everyone why they are all gathered there that day…

The best match he ever made 😉

Ben + Jen, we are so excited to be joining you guys and Ben’s brother on your big day lol!! In all fairness he kind of did an amazing job at bringing you guys together! You are both so sweet and we are so excited for you guys and Elliot to start this new chapter together! Here are just a few of our favorite moments from your engagement session

Ben + Jen

Winter Garden Village | Winter Garden Fl.

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