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Lake Louisa State Park : Trent + Jessica

February 26, 2018

Love is so beautiful. Especially when it happens unexpected. You know. When its right in front of you and everyone sees it but you. Then you have your epiphany and then realize that your best friend has been it all along. Thats exactly what happened with Jessica and Trent! These cuties met each other at Disney! Thats right , Disney wasn’t playing when they said it was the happiest place on earth! Disney is place of fairy tales and happily ever afters ya’ll.

So these cuties met while working at the Tower of Terror.  Jessica knew from the beginning that Trent was a keeper! She knew it so much that she even tried to set him up with her friend. I know what you’re thinking…WHAT? Girl got her wires crossed! Even her friend , that she tried to set Trent up with, told her that Trent was not interested in anyone but Jessica herself. Jessica totally blew of what she said and responded “What, nooooo we’re just friends!!!” A few weeks later, Jessica’s work mom asked her what the deal was between Jessica and Trent. Jessica again, did not see or understand what she was talking about. Jessica laughed and explained that the relationship with Trent was just a friendship. Her work mom looked at her “Giiiiiiirl that boy is in love with you!”.

A few days later, Trent asked Jessica to go with him to grab a bite after work at … TACO BELL!! Guys can I just pause and say that Trent is my spirit animal lol. Ya’ll know how I feel about Taco Bell! All the heart eyes. Well Trent, you know while eating tacos, the perfect love food, told Jessica that he liked her and wanted to date her. I bet in that moment Jessica had a whole bunch of flashbacks , like in the movies, to the scenes where everyone told her this was coming and then she finally saw all the pieces come together. Jessica knew that she loved who he was as a person and spending time with him was so much fun but she had just graduated from college and wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship. Definitely not with someone she worked with.

Trent was so patient and very smart. He found the solution. He stopped working at Tower on August 2, 2016 and on August 3, 2016 he asked Jessica to be his girlfriend… At that point Jessica had no excuse to push away something she knew was so right. He was already her best friend. So she said “YES” ya’ll.

Now they are engaged and we are going to watch these besties say “I do”. We just love these two!!! Spending one of their last sunsets as boyfriend and girlfriend together for their engagement session was beyond one of the most amazing times ever. Anytime we  get to spend time with people who are in love its a win. But when we get to spend time with two sweethearts like Jessica and Trent. Two best friends. Two people who can make each other laugh by just holding hands or looking at each other. That is magical! We can already see their beautiful future flash before our eyes! And we couldn’t be more excited to be invited along for the journey! We cannot wait to capture their wedding this fall at the  Cypress Grove Estates. Here are just some of our favorite moments from their engagement session.

Trent + Jessica

Lake Louisa State Park Engagement

To be continued…

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