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How to Make a Rainy Wedding Day Amazing

February 5, 2018

With Spring and Summer weddings soon approaching we felt that it was the perfect time to write this blog! Let’s face it, our Springs and Summers are filled with showers and sometimes thunderstorms. We know it is a fear in the back of every brides mind!


It’s a legitimate concern. Especially since the forecast in Florida is one of the most unpredictable in the world. Sorry weather folks. Y’all are right about 30% of the time. It happens to us every year! Every season! Well, almost every wedding!!! We’ll have our sweet brides panic the week before their wedding. Watching the “unreliable” forecast, at the edge of their seats. Wondering. Is it going to rain on my wedding day. They start fasting and trying to pray the rain away, lol.

NO MORE! We figured we let you in on a little secret! Rain still equals an amazing wedding because first and foremost, it cannot stop you from saying “I Do”. So lets start by changing the mindset to what the goal of the day is. The goal is to marry your best friend and finally be able to change that last name. The beautiful wedding is the cherry on top. And by no means does rain mean that it won’t be a beautiful wedding! Today we want to share with you some tips on how to prepare for a rainy wedding day.


How to Make a Rainy Wedding Day Amazing

1. Have a backup plan

Every couple should have a back up plan for their wedding. This is not your vendors and venues first rodeo. Discuss options with your vendors and especially with your venue should you be graced with rain on your wedding day. They will be able to give you great ideas that will still look beautiful.

2. Be Decisive

The most important thing is to be decisive. Don’t waste time agonizing on how the wedding would have been without the rain and accept that its raining. Discuss with your fiancé and venue early on what you will do if it rains and stick to it!

3. Trust your Vendors

You hired professionals who are familiar with your venue, their craft, and the local weather. Trust them to do what they’re good at. As far as pictures. WE GOT YOU!!!! Some of our most beautiful images have been captured on a rainy wedding day! We love the opportunity to be creative and love the challenge! When we arrive to the venue on your wedding day we will layout a plan for where we want to take pictures and in that planning process we ALWAYS develop a Plan B should it rain. That is our job not yours. Trust us! WE GOT THIS!!! Your pictures will not be gloomy. Overcast is a photographers dream! Perfect magical even lighting all day !

4. Be Prepared!!!

Okay you’ve stalked the forecast and it is official. It IS going to rain on your wedding day! We’ve learned that the key to a well executed plan is to be prepared. So how can you prepare for your rainy wedding day? Go buy matching umbrellas for you and your wedding party and some cute wellies like, NOW. Think about it! The Notebook ,  Spiderman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s . All movies with the most romantic scenes taking place in the RAIN!!! And if you decide to have your ceremony outside still. Prepare your guest. Tel your guest to bring umbrellas or have umbrellas ready for all your guest. They are there to celebrate you! It is YOUR day. Have the wedding you want. It can be done.

5. Consider a First Look

Seldom does it ever rain cats and dogs all day in Florida. And typically our showers tend to be in the evening. We normally have sprinkles and showers scattered out throughout the day. Doing a First Look allows us the opportunity to shoot in between showers. Rain can sometimes delay slightly how things move so ensuring that you’ve given yourself and us enough time to get your beautiful bride and groom portraits, is something you definitely will never regret!


It’s raining on your wedding day! You’re going to get wet! Have fun with it! We will be there ready to embrace it too!!!! We are expecting to get wet too! And we are okay with that! Your attitude will set the tone for the day and remember if your are disappointed and dwelling on what you can’t control, your face will show it and it will spread like wildfire to your wedding party and guest! We encourage you to let your smile and positivity be as  contagious as swine flu 😉 . Even if you are disappointed. FAKE THE FUNK until you believe it and you will start enjoying your day! Here are some of our favorite captures of all time and they happen to be  from some of our #hendricksbrides who had a rainy wedding day!!!


How to Make a Rainy Wedding Day AmazingHow to Make a Rainy Wedding Day Amazing


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