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Lake Louisa State Park Maternity Session 

December 23, 2018

The only thing that gets us more excited than two people committing to each other and getting married is the beautiful blessings that are produced from that love. A seed that is planted from that love. A little itty bitty seed that grows into a little miracle. If you haven’t figured out what we are talking about yet, we are talking about the miracle of life. The miracle of a little human growing inside of a woman. A little human that can’t be described as anything less than miraculous!

Children are such a beautiful blessing. One of our favorite stages of a babies life is their time in the womb. The way that they are able to bring a glow to the world before ever entering it is impactful. The love. The joy. The hope. The dreams. All the emotions and thoughts that fill the momma from the moment she sees the positive test, is pretty amazing . This little being can make such an impact without saying a word. Without ever even being seen.

Thai and Vicky are expecting their first son. Their daughter, Natalie, is becoming a big sister for the first time. This precious baby boy isn’t even born yet we already know how special he is to every single member in this family.

Thai , Vicky and my sweet little Natalie , thank you so much for asking us to freeze this moment for you! Thank you for the laughs! This precious baby boy hasn’t just brought a glow to his momma, he has brought a glow to the entire family! We can’t wait for him to be in your arms and for you guys to see each other face to face! But until then here are some of our favorite moments from your maternity session that you can look at as you count down the days for his arrival!

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Lake Louisa State Park Maternity Session 

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