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JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Wedding | Josh + Brittany

December 13, 2018

Its been six years since we’ve visited Marco Island. Every time that we’ve gone we’ve had a blast and created memories to last a lifetime! Marco Island is just one of those places. What better reason to go back than to capture high school sweethearts, Josh and Brittany’s first day as husband and wife.

When we arrived to Brittany’s room we were greeted with such a huge strong hug from this really small petit sweetheart! She had a smile that brightened up her entire face and sparkly eyes that just made you feel like you were staring at a precious moments doll! We loved her immediately! And instantly we had decided that Josh had found himself the most amazing girl in the world. She was sweet, bubbly, kind, funny, and just as cute as a button!

What we loved most about Brittany was just how simple she was! She chose not to get caught up on the hype of the day but still managed to have such a beautiful wedding that was just timeless and elegant. She wasn’t excited about her flowers. She wasn’t excited about her details. I mean she was happy with it all, but nothing made her eyes sparkle more that day then when she spoke about Josh. What she was most excited about that day was marrying Josh! 

First looks are one of our favorite things to capture. But Brittany’s  first look with her dad goes down in history as one of the sweetest, funniest first looks ever! Brittany is a only child so we knew this was a big deal to mom and dad! Their baby girl was getting married. Brittany forewarned us that pops was going to be a crier! Of course you know we were excited about that. Who doesn’t love seeing a man cry?

Because she knew that it would be a waterworks show and she didn’t want to get her makeup ruined they did a soft look. YES, we learned that there is a such thing as a first look. Dad saw her with her makeup done before getting in her dress plus he had also seen her in her dress prior to that day. When Brittany told us this, we aren’t going to lie, we were a little sad. Let me explain. We live for those ugly Kim Kardashian cries and runny nose, red eyes and hot mess cries! So we thought “poop, we aren’t going to get our Kim K cry”.

It was time for the father daughter first look. Brittany tapped that shoulder and Poppa Mike turned around. We were totally surprised by what we saw. With glistening eyes he hugged his beautiful daughter and before we knew it they were both crying. DAD GAVE US THE KIM K CRY!!! We realized that there isn’t a soft look in the world that is going to change how a father feels in that very moment!

Seeing his daughter stand in front of him, it is inevitable and there is nothing that can prepare a father for the emotional rollercoaster that he will experience in that very moment. From the first moment he heard her heartbeat. To the first time he held her. To her first step. First boo boo. First crush. First heart break. Now there stood a woman. One he was very proud of! And no matter how much he tried to prepare for this moment it was inevitable for the tears of joy to flow. Nothing could prepare him today!  Today he will see his little girl join hands with a wonderful young man, and in addition to the sparkle he’s always seen in her eyes, today he sees a love and joy there beyond anything he’s seen thus far.

Josh and Brittany, thank you guys so much for sharing your day with us! Thank you for sharing your family with us and thank you for allowing us to capture the first page of this amazing new chapter. This amazing new adventure! Josh, we know that as bitter/sweet as this day was for Brittany’s dad, the sweetest part for him, the proudest part, was knowing that his daughter would be with you, an amazing, kind, humble, hardworking young man! Knowing that he could be at peace because you love and respect his daughter and would honor her for all her days. There is nothing a parent wants more in the world than to have peace that their child is in good hands. You’ve gifted him that peace!

Here are some of our favorite moments from your first day as husband and wife , Mr and Mrs Slawkins


Josh + Brittany

J.W. Marriott Marco Island Beach Wedding

Creative Team

Wedding Planner: CocoLuna Events

Floral design: Tom Trovato

venue & catering: JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort


Band: DJ Dayve • bride’s gown:Lovely Bride Miami • Grooms attire: Mens Warehouse • cake & dessert: Sweetified  • Invitations: Minted • Makeup & Hair: Salon Teez

Photographers: The Hendricks



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