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Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Elopement| Gerel + Christin

June 12, 2019

Being in the industry, we know first hand how amazing and special weddings are. We also know first hand how overwhelming wedding planning can be. Partly from experience in planning our own wedding and vow renewal, but especially from being a shoulder to lean on for our couples throughout he planning process.

Sometimes the planning process alone can become a distraction from the most important element of the day, the fact that two people that love each other are combining their lives forever and becoming one! When Gerel + Christin initially shared their vision on their big day they had planned to have a big wedding. The more and more that they planned the more and more they realized that all they wanted was to get married and start their lives together with their daughter!

They decided to scrap it all and start from scratch. Focusing on the only thing that mattered. Their union before God. Gerel and Christin had made the decision to elope! When they shared the news with us we were so excited for them. We were so excited for them and we were all in!

So last week, we were honored to not just be the photographers for Gerel and Christin’s first day as husband and wife but we were humbled to be their witnesses. Here are just a few of our favorite moments from their intimate union!

Gerel + Christin

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Elopement| Saint Cloud, Fl.

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