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Winter Garden Engagement Session | John + Lizzie

June 13, 2019

We love it when our couples sit to tell us how they met. When the sparks flew. How they knew. Sometimes its a spontaneous meeting. Sometimes its mutual friends. Sometimes you just got to get with the times! Nowadays life is so fast paced. You have to work and hustle to get things done. Sometimes that determination and focus makes it hard to meet new people. People outside of coworkers, high school friends, and family.

Sometimes you have a cousin with a wife that knows how to pick her circle of friends. Thats how John and Lizzie met. Although she was at first pretty nervous to meet John in person. After all what if he was nothing like the guy that she had gotten to know over messages. What if he was…. I mean you can fill in the blank for all the possible things he could have been.

To say that he was everything she expected would be a lie. It would be downplaying the impact that he had made on her. He was everything she imagined and more. She knew right there and then that he was her forever. So their love story began. He’s continued to win her heart with his wit and charm. Guys , trust me he’s charming. He totally had Landon in bromance mode for like a week after we met them hahaha. John this and John that!

When it was finally time to hang out with them for their engagement session it was evident that these two were head over heals for each other. And it was even more confirmation that they were meant to be together. We are so excited for their big day. The day that the beginning of their forever begins. The day that they become husband and wife! Here are just a few of our favorite moments from their engagement session!

John + Lizzie

Winter Garden Engagement Session

To be continued…

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