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Luxmore Grande Estate : Ben + Katrina

May 23, 2019

Never have we ever gone to a wedding and felt like we were guarded by the Avengers. You see both Ben and Katrina serve our nation in the US Air Force and about half their guest do as well. So now you understand why I say that if anything were to go down , we were in the best place possible haha.

All jokes aside, the most amazing part about meeting Ben and Katrina is that, like every hero in a movie, they are the most lovable and humble people. We’ve always joked and called Ben our real life Captain America if there ever was one. Handsome, polite, honorable and brave. We knew after meeting him that the gal that won his heart would have to be a pretty spectacular girl. And when we met Katrina, the first thing we said to each other is that this gorgeous woman does not deserve anything less than what Benjamin had to offer. His loyalty and his love. They were wonderfully and perfectly made for each other

One of our favorite moments during their big day was their time alone together. You see, both Ben and Katrina are shy and don’t like to have attention on them. It was so moving to see how when it was just the two of them, how they brought the extroverts out of each other. They were comfortable and felt free to be corky, funny, whatever it is that they wanted to be because they knew that the other would love them no matter what and that it would just be one other little memory they have created together to last a lifetime.

Ben and Katrina! To say that we love you guys is an understatement! Even though we are so excited for you guys to be married and experience the unbelievably thrilling adventure of being husband and wife, we miss the time leading up to your wedding. Our emails, chats, Panera dates and Facetime calls. But we are so excited for whats to come! We are excited to continue being a part of your journey and celebrating all the upcoming milestones in your lives.

P.S. Brad (the grooms twin brother), we loved every minute of your jokes, times you tried to trick us when you were trying to pass as Ben , and your dance moves! Be a good brother in law to my sweet Katrina and continue to be the awesome brother that you are to Ben!

Love you all! Thank you for sharing such a special day with us! Here are some of our favorite moments from Ben and Katrina’s perfect day!

Ben + Katrina

Luxmore Grande Estate | Winter Springs Fl

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Venue: Luxmore Grande Estate | Planner: Pearl White Events | Flowers: Flowers by Lesley | Catering: Big City Catering | Rentals: RW Events | Hair and Makeup: Kristy’s Artistry Design Team | DJ: Our DJ Rocks | Cake: Publix | Dessert: Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

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