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Mead Botanical Garden Engagement| Kevin + Claire

June 6, 2019

Imagine growing in the same town, as your future spouse. Playing in your room with your dolls. Dreaming of who your prince charming. You have created in your mind what your husband is going to be like. What your first love is going to be like. You imagine the perfect fairytale. All along, that guy that you’ve dreamed up is growing up right down the street from you. In the same town.

On the other hand, guys don’t quite dream up the same thing but us girls do. Instead he may have been playing with trucks. Riding his bike. Without a care in the world. Probably still thinking girls had the cooties. In all honesty, probably not thinking past what he’s going to eat for dinner.

But then you take a while turn down the corner and you meet each other. Two people who have had the opportunity to grow having the same roots, same values and now be able to grow your life together. After four years of dating, now it’s finally time for that little fairytale wedding that Claire dreamt of . It’s now time set their foundation.

Hanging out with the them during their engagement session was so amazing. Claire, first of all, has such an outgoing personality. Which we love. We can see exactly why Kevin is so head over heels for her. She’s the girl who isn’t just beautiful. She is funny, has a great friend of humor, knows how to laugh at her self, and poke fun and make light when someone puts their foot in their mouth 😉 . They complement each other so well and we cannot wait to capture their wedding this Fall. Here are some of our favorite moments from their little love session at Mead Botanical Garden last weekend.

Kevin + Claire

Mead Botanical Garden Engagement | Winter Park , Fl.

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