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Venue 1902 | Luis + Marisa

June 5, 2019

When we first met Luis and Marissa we seriously felt like we were looking in the mirror. Seeing two young adults. Hungry for God. A passion to serve the Lord. A love for each other that had led to the only reasonable next step, marriage. They were so excited to start this journey together. When they told us that they wanted us to be a part of it, we shouted in excitement

Heck to the YES!

Nothing brings us more joy then to see young adults join and start their lives together in marriage and grow together.

We had a soft spot for Luis from the very beginning just because of his timid nature. We love how Marisa just makes him blush by just looking at him. She can look at him and smile and he melts into putty. But it’s even more endearing to see how her eyes light up whenever she catches him looking at her! When he tells her that he loves her. When he hugs her. They are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. No other piece can replace either one. It’s just the two of them. The perfect fit.

Luis and Marisa decided to do a first look and we couldn’t be more excited to see Luis’s jaw drop when he saw Marisa. We were just blown away at how gorgeous she looks. Our excitement was boiling over and we were so excited to finally have Luis in position ready and waiting to see his bride for the very first time. When he turned around to say that she took his breath away is an understatement he had a dumbfounded smile on his face like

Oh my God I cannot believe this is going to be my wife.

Together, they laughed, hugged, and kissed. The nerves were calm everything was calm cool and collected and now they were ready to go and walk down the aisle and say their I do’s in front of their friends and family.

We didn’t expect Luis to react the way he did during the ceremony. Sure we knew he was timid. Sure we knew that he was an introvert. Sure we knew that he was excited. Sure we knew that he was blown away at how gorgeous his wife was. How much he loves her. Seeing his reaction during their first look confirmed all those things to us. But we did not expect. What we were not prepared for. His reaction when he locked eyes on her as she made her way down the aisle.

As soon as those doors open. When Luis laid eyes on his wife and her veil walking down the aisle. He was overcome with so much emotion. Like ugly Kim Kardashian cry. I was crying right a long with him. Everybody was. Marisa took everyones breath away.

Here stand two amazing people. Here in just a moment this beautiful woman’s first love, her father, was going to hand off his most prized possession and put him in charge of protecting her and loving her and guiding their new family in the path that pleases the Lord. That responsibility. That trust. That new chapter in their life was going to happen this very moment. It was inevitable to become emotional . Marriage. Love. Companionship. God knew and thought of all those things for us. So Luis we completely understand you’re ugly Kim Kardashian cry.

Luis and Marisa we are so excited for you guys to experience this new journey. This adventure. This chapter. Together. Growing, both mentally, and spiritually. To walk together hand-in-hand, in Christ. We love you guys both to the moon and back baby and are so grateful to have been able to bare witness to just the beginning of God’s plan with you guys! Here are some of our favorite, most heartfelt moments from your special day.

Luis + Marisa

Venue 1902 | Sanford, Fl.

Creative Team

Venue: Venue 1902

Florals: Kukka Flowers | Cake + Sweets: Tely’s Sweet Creations | DJ: Our DJ Rocks| Hair + Makeup: Kristy Artistry Design Team | Catering: Magic Occasions | Gown: One & Only Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulus | Photography: The Hendricks

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